Notes: It's rare when a newer vehicle has defect trends, & the 2017 Honda CR-V has at least two — overfilled oil levels with a gas smell, & heat not working.

Both problems affecting the Honda CR-V's 1.5L "Earth Dreams" engine appear to be related to cold-climate regions.

CR-V owners report overfilled oil levels due to fuel in the oil, & sometimes a gas smell in the cabin. That problem appears to be related to fuel injection which Honda hopes to fix via a software update. Honda so far has only conducted a recall in China & a "product update" in Canada.

CR-V owners also report no heat even after warming up their CR-Vs for 30 minutes — not even enough to defrost the windshield. So far, there has been no fix from Honda for this issue.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
11,400 miles
Total Complaints:
82 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (35 reports)
  2. no solution!!! (13 reports)
  3. no solution; Honda told me to check oil every 500 miles (13 reports)
  4. tech says nothing wrong (8 reports)
  5. change oil frequently (4 reports)
  6. software update (3 reports)
2017 Honda CR-V engine problems

engine problem

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2017 Honda CR-V Owner Comments (Page 1 of 5)

problem #82

Sep 012020


  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles


All instrument panel lights came on, telling me that there were problems with brakes, cruise, lane assist, etc. I googled it and found a service bulletin for it, but the car still ran just fine and the lights only came on every so often. Then they all lit up one morning, and the engine light started flashing when I was about a mile from my house. All acceleration stopped past 12 mph. I had to cruise into a parking lot. Once the car was turned off and turned back on, it worked fine again.

Took it to Honda and they wanted to charge me for new spark plugs because there was an engine misfire. (They said that was what caused all of my instrument lights to come on.) I looked up the issue and found the extension on the warranty for spark plugs - not the dealership - I found the service bulletin with this on it. Saved myself $200. They changed the plugs and once I started it up the next morning - same thing. All lights on. Took it back AGAIN and they said it was the fuel injectors. I have NEVER had to replace fuel injectors on any of the six Hondas we have owned, EVER.

This is a 3 year old car with 70k miles on it, and they want me to put $900 into parts that shouldn't need to be replaced. I called Honda USA to see if they would cover it, and they can only cover $300, which I shouldn't be upset about, but seriously, I don't think they would even need to be changed if not for this gas mixing with the oil problem. I take it for new fuel injectors tomorrow. I hope that will fix it. Otherwise, this is the last Honda for our family.

- Meredith H., Fort Thomas, KY, US

problem #81

Mar 012019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

As far as non-CVT CR-V's, is this a significant issue? Do you see it in warm-weather states?

- Mike C., Montebello, CA, US

problem #80

Jan 032019

CR-V Touring 1.5L T

  • CVT transmission
  • 7,705 miles

We purchased our new CR-V in August of 2017. I noticed the oil level in the engine increasing from purchase date to December 2017. It had risen 1/4" on the dipstick during that time. I did some research and found this is a common problem with the Earthdreams 1.5 turbo Honda engines. Honda replaced the A/C control unit, performed a software update and changed the oil to address the problem. It DID NOT fix it. In January, 2018 I decided to send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs for analysis and again in July 2018 after it had risen again 3/8" on the dipstick. The results were as follows

JANUARY ANALYSIS (#1) : The spectral results are normal for a new engine like this one. High iron and copper show lingering wear-in still washing out, while silicon is form assembly sealers and lubes. This looks to be the second oil change, so there is certainly room for these elements to improve. Fuel is the only possible problem in these results. 2.3% fuel is a bit high, causing the low viscosity. Fuel system issues are a common concern for these 1.5L's, so we'll watch fuel closely. Change the oil then re-sample in about 5,000 miles. Averages for the engine type are based on an oil run ~4,800 miles.

JULY ANALYSIS (#2) : Most of the wear metals and silicon are lower, likely showing wear-in stuff washing out. Iron is the only metal that's still on the high side next to universal averages. It shows excess steel wear. Since the other metals are low, we're leaning towards steel-on-steel like something in the valve train, but it's hard to say for sure. If the engine saw a lot of idling during the cold winter months, that might be contributing. Fuel is still on the radar too. 2.5% is still enough to show a possible fuel system problem. Watch for an increasing oil level. Repeat this interval and check back.

Both analyzed as high in iron. First was 41 on a 16 average and the second was 44 on a 16 average. These numbers tell me there is something wearing at over 2.5 times the normal rate in this engine.

I delivered both reports to the dealership to be filed with my records there. They said Honda considers the fuel/oil contamination issue normal for the 1.5 Turbo and this is true, as they ALL do it so that makes it "normal" for that engine. It just doesn't make it GOOD for that engine.

Last week we received a letter from Honda extending the warrant from 5 yrs. to 6 yrs. and unlimited mileage. They specifically mentioned the camshaft, rocker arms and spark plugs being covered. Very interesting that the camshaft and rocker arms are in the valve train and mentioned as a possible source of the steel on steel contaminants by Blackstone Labs. I am very concerned about the longevity of this engine and what this issue will do to the value of the vehicle. Very disappointed in Honda's handling of this issue.

- David C., Springfield, US

problem #79

Mar 262018

CR-V EX-L 1.5L 4-cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 2,708 miles


This happens to me without any solution from Honda. My first visit to DCH Honda Paramus was my oil was over the level and Honda blames the outside shop whom I had my first oil change. They said that my oil was over filled. Honda solution was to have an oil change on that day, March 26 and After 3 days, I checked my oil and has a strong smell of fuel in my oil and went back on March 29, Talked to Mr. Frank Russo and said that nothing is wrong with my car and it is normal to smell gas in the oil dipstick and he said that as long as "no warning" sign on my dash, I don't have to worry about my car. My car will be 2 years old this coming February 2019, I hope I am still covered under warranty or Lemon Law here in New Jersey. If only Honda will admit that they have problems and will find a solution to fix it and have their customers to have extended warranty.

Just now after driving for 30 mins, a strong smell of fuel inside my cabin.

- sermar, Dumont, US

problem #78

Jan 102019

CR-V Touring 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 8,478 miles

Brought in our CR-V for an overfilled crankcase. The oil had a strong smell of gasoline. The dealer did a product campaign #1245A2. Two plus months later I noticed my oil is now over filled again. Also getting a strong gas smell when I turn on the defroster. I had called Honda company direct and the told me they would have a Rep call me. Never did. Also I had asked the dealer to write on the service ticket about the gas in the oil as I'm worried about future engine problems. The dealer refused to do it. Seems like Honda is trying to cover this up in the event of a future recall or litigation. If I didn't buy the extended warranty I would get rid of this car in a hurry. I have also had other problems with it and with the dealer.

- Philip M., Wolcott, US

problem #77

Aug 012017

CR-V Touring 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 13,450 miles


- lemondrop119, Toms River, US

problem #76

Jan 182019

CR-V Touring 1.5t

  • CVT transmission
  • 33,800 miles


I had the recall (Software Update & A/C Control unit replaced) done on my CR V back in January 2019. I never had the gas smell, but the Engine Temp does seem to rise quicker now after the recall work was completed.I drive 17 miles one way to work and Highway miles, so the engine has ample time to "burn off" (eye roll) the gas in the cylinders.

When I picked it up, the oil was exactly between the full and add marks on the orange read tip. I just checked it after putting 2,777 miles on it since the recall, Its above the Orange Tip by about a quarter of an inch. I contacted Honda, was assigned a Ticket number was told to call back with the ticket number. I have have called 3 times left message and my ticket number to "Geneva". One week has past (3/23/19) no one has returned my call. My first Honda, and may be my last, they (HONDA) simply are ignoring this issue.

But why should I be surprised, When I first bought the CR V in 2017 (first one sold at my local Honda Dealer) I called Honda and asked about an issue I had with the Hankook Tires, The representative that day argued that ALL CR-V on the new re-designed CR-V come with Bridgestones! I guess I should have know then that HONDA is NOT the company they were at one time.

- Robert S., Greencastle, PA, US

problem #75

Mar 022019

CR-V EX 1.5L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,926 miles

When checking the oil level on the dip stick, it was about a half inch higher above the full level and smelled like gasoline. Apparently Honda is aware of the problem but does not know how to fix it, no help for the owners. NOT HAPPY!!!

- ludwig.richardj, HEMPFIELD, US

problem #74

Sep 012018


  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,000 miles

After finding out about the gas in oil problem for CRVs, checked our 2017 and sure enough, excess fluid on dipstick, very black, smelly. Upon draining, smells far worse than any of 100s of oil changes I’ve done ove 50 years. Sent sample in to Blackstone Labs, gas over 4% of volume, way over average values, lowered viscosity, and higher flammability - at lower temperatures. Have complained via email to owner of selling dealership, Moss Honda in Moreno Valley Ca, no reply. Plan on continuing to pay for oil tests at labs to validate and substantiate my issue. Have read people being told to watch levels, change oil? Great ideas? Just keep changing the oil? Even for free it would be a pain. Supposedly being fixed in newer models, but this is my, 2017 1.5l turbo. Very concerned about resale, reliability, breakdowns, and mechanical damage due to reduced viscosity and flammability. Also there’s claims it’s a cold weather, infrequent use, low mileage trip problem. I live in hot Southern California, we drive frequently and many miles (24,000 in less than 2 years) and never take short trips, so it’s happening in hot climates too.

- Frank D., Highland, US

problem #73

Jan 252019

CR-V EXL 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 29,000 miles

Checked oil at 1600 miles and it was way over full mark smelled like gas. Called dealer and they said there was an open recall on the vehicle and bring they would not admit it was for this problem. They did update and changed oil but not filter. Gas mileage has dropped since software update. I will be keeping a close eye on oil level now.

- Nick S., Park Rapids, US

problem #72

Feb 062019

CR-V Touring 1.5L 4-cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 27,000 miles


I am the 2nd owner of a 2017 CRV Touring class which only had 27k miles. After owning it for only a few months I receive a product update letter from Honda regarding a needed software update and A/C control unit replaced. I wasn't experiencing any of the noticeable signs that other owners cited regarding gas smell or heater problems. However, I did have the shift button on the handle come off (cheap part!).

As I was enroute to the dealership to have my product update performed my car suddenly lost power from 65 mph on a busy highway dropping down to 25 mph with semi-trailers riding up on my bumper! A very frightening experience! I managed to eventually pull over and wait for roadside assistance. I had to be towed the rest of the way to the dealership! Fun time!

The dealer performed the update and I was feeling good about the fix until I started monitoring my oil levels and found the problem had persisted. Oil levels continue to be high! So the update didn't fix the problem! I am continuing to work with my dealer but to no avail!

This is a calculated measure that Honda is playing so they won't be subjected to Federal regulations if they did a recall. By just doing a product update they retain control but unfortunately they don't have a fix! They're kicking the can down the road! Shame on you Honda! Someone is going to get hurt or worse but they decide they would rather gamble and pay less legal costs in litigation than the expensive recall costs. They are rolling dice with our lives!

I filed complaints with the NHTSA and currently taking some lemon law recourse to return my CRV! This is my first and soon-to-be last Honda! Ridiculous!

Honda"s mission statement - “Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.”

...And they recalled over 400,000 CRVs & Civics in China!

- tscor, Fairfield, US

problem #71

Jan 022019

CR-V LX 1.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,000 miles

When taking in with fuel in oil I was told normal. Then when pushing matter dealer Wilde Honda agreed there was problem but they are waiting on Honda to advise them . I have their service package on wife car so they do All maintenance on vechical. Had less than 1000 miles on previous oil change and dipstick level was over 1/2” over full level and smelled like gas. I demanded that oil be changed and after being told I’d have to pay for it . After arguing they finally agreed to change oil. I demanded that tech document oil level and how it smelled to which not done. Another issue is that they replaced battery 2 times in last 1 1/2 years and when asked what’s killing battery they couldn’t find anything. I’ve noticed that there’s something running under car after car has been shut off. It’s not all the time only on occasion and it’s a humming sound and it there for over 6 hrs. When asking dealer about this they said that there’s only 2 things under car that could be running the evap system or fuel pump. The evap system may run a minute or so after car shut down and it makes ticking noise. When asked about fuel pump I was told it makes humming sound. When asked again about that being possible issue with gas in oil I was told I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was told next time I hear noise I should take cell phone and put under car to record. It’s happened 3 times since Jan but didn’t have phone handy. I find it hard to believe that Honda recalls CRV’s in China but not here in US. I also that neither Honda Corp and dealerships aren’t all over the gas in oil for liability issues with it being 1of there best sellers. The only way China got are all was to get social media to get things done.LETs GET on HONDA

- John B., Wales, US

problem #70

Nov 152018

CR-V EX 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 18,029 miles

After hearing about the recall I checked the oil level and sure enough it was substantially above the orange marker on the dip stick. My dealer applied the software fix provided by Honda and I will check very soon whether the oil level issue is still present.

Update from Mar 11, 2019: Oil level is still above normal and oil is quite dark at 2000 kms after oil change. Has anyone else seen this condition?

Car is still slow to warm up and heat indicator seems to stick at half way and then move up to normal quite fast.

- Mj H., Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #69

Nov 012018

CR-V EX Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 7,800 miles

Engine oil level is more than a quarter inch above the orange bar and smells strong gasoline on it.

- Shine S., Ithaca, NY, US

problem #68

Nov 162018

CR-V EX 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 10,559 miles

Dipstick smells like gas. Take it to the dealer they change the oil and state that Honda has not given them a fix. Call Honda got a case number but no solution from them either. Problems from this issue of oil dilution will probably not show up until warranty is over. Honda needs to step up and get the fix out to us in Kansas (according to them not a cold weather state) too.

- Peggy M., Shawnee Mission, KS, US

problem #67

Nov 212018

CR-V EX-L 1.5L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 10,000 miles

This seems to be a widespread issue for the Honda CRV 1.5L Turbo (2017-2019) that Honda has not fixed. The dealership acts like this is normal for this engine but I don't think it's normal to have your engine oil level far above the max smelling of gasoline. They say it only effects engines in cold climates but I live in Phoenix, AZ.

- David B., Phoenix, AZ, US

problem #66

Nov 282018

CR-V LX 1.5L T

  • CVT transmission
  • 3,853 miles

Yesterday i checked the oil level which was higher than normal and also it was smelling crazy gas.

I do not have heating system issue since i never warm-up the engine in idle which is not a good practice at all.

OK, i went to the Honda dealership today to replace the tires with Winter tires , and also the software update. Honda Canada sail they will change the ECU unit and air conditioning control unit and also they will change the oil.

I think this is what they are doing; they will change the heating system control unit to let the engine warm-up very soon and then this will burn the vapor of the gas in a shorter time , this means that there is no fix for this issue at the of the way because they can never change the nature of the direct-injection engine.

- S N., Montreal, QC, Canada

problem #65

Nov 262018

CR-V Touring 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 8,046 miles

click to see larger images

high oil level with gas in oil high oil level with gas in oil

June 2017 bought new 2017 CR-V from Honda Dealer.

Jan 2018 vehicle had 3970 miles so brought it to same dealer for 1st oil and filter change. No apparent issues.

Nov 2018 vehicle had 8046 miles and Maintenance-minder indicated only 15% oil life remaining so I scheduled an oil & filter change at same dealer.

Before the appointment I checked oil dipstick and it was way over the maximum mark (pictures attached) and smelled heavily of gasoline. Owners manual says never over-fill can cause engine damage. The only fill ever was done by the dealer at the1st oil change in Jan 2018.

I related the gas smell of the dipstick to gas fumes my wife and I detected in the cabin at times. At that time I researched online and discovered there was an oil-dilution issue that was being investigated by Honda for this issue but no solution yet. I reported this situation to the service department when I brought in for the 2nd oil change but they couldn't offer a solution as well so took my info and said all we can do is wait for Honda to announce a solution.

Meanwhile it is not known if there is engine damage occurring due to the overfull engine oil level and mix of gasoline in the engine oil.

- bob.right, Shelton, US

problem #64

Nov 282018

CR-V Touring 1.5L Turbo

  • CVT transmission
  • 8,501 miles

While looking for 2019 Honda CR-V colors, I stumbled upon a video on the 2017-2018 CR-Vs from a young man detailing the Oil Dilution issue causing the Oil Level to exceed the Maximum limit AND the definitive smell of gasoline in the Oil (via the Oil dipstick). I began to read where this was an issue with epidemic proportions. This "mixing" is causing premature Engine wear and worse for many drivers. My experience has been limited as the majority of my driving is mostly 80 mile drives in the Spring and Summer and I have not had any stalling issues yet. Upon the recommendation of the young man in the video, I checked my Oil which had been changed in Aug 2018 with only 500 miles and 80% Oil level showing to use. BINGO! The Oil absolutely smelled of gasoline and the level was above the Orange area of the dipstick I took my CR-V into my usual Dealership that does my service and the mechanic and service manager agreed that there was gasoline present in the oil and an Oil change was recommended and I was not charged. The manager indicated that Honda hasn't "officially" given them a SOP to deal with the issue until the fix is distributed to dealerships across the US. Latest information indicates that the "fix', which is to include to new software for the engine and transmission control units with an oil change, are being distributed in the most northern states (MN, WI, ND, SD & ME) in December. Other more northern states will follow in the following two months. I am fortunate in that our family has a second car and I won't need to drive the CR-V until the "fix" is available. CERTAINLY NOT great having to put your new car on "ice" while HONDA makes US wait!

Update from Jun 1, 2019: I had this update in December of 2017 and it did make the engine rev-up more quickly but all this seems to due is dump more gas into the cold engine and appeared to have done nothing to clear up the issue. The oil level continued to rise with the additional gas mixed in. I spoke with a longtime tech at Honda who confirmed that when they are doing these oil changes the oil comes rushing out like water as the gas is nearly a quarter of the oil reservoir. So, with only 8,685 miles on my beautiful black Touring CR-V which included many expensive options (Floor lighting, Illuminated Sills, etc.), I traded it in for Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring. I was a Honda owner for 28 years. Trade and Purchase in February 2019.

- phillyfire, Warminster, US

problem #63

Jan 012018

CR-V EX 1.5L

  • CVT transmission
  • 3,000 miles

The oil smell is very strong. I have to change the oil very frequently. After I changed the oil, two days later, I notice that oil level become above the max limit mark and the oil become black very soon in less than 1000 miles. It seems there are also some debris inside. Honda should really fix this problem as soon as possible instead of try to ask the customer change driving behavior and change oil. This is my first car, overall I like its feature but it's very sad with such an annoying problem and disappointed about Honda since they did not come any way to fix it after discovering the problem for such a long time.

- Yuqing X., Fort Lee, US

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