2016 Hyundai Tucson transmission problems: no acceleration from stop

No Acceleration From Stop

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This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Hyundai dealer.

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CarComplaints.com Notes: The 2016 Tucson comes with a dual-clutch, 7-speed transmission. But Hyundai forgot to tell you about one key phrase – zero-move. That's right, an alarming number of owners have said their SUV wouldn't accelerate after a stop.

Turns out that's because the transmission's application logic has been stumbling all over itself. Hyundai recalled the issue in September 2016, but it's difficult to say if owners are out-of-the-woods, or if this is just a sign of things to come.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
9,550 miles
Total Complaints:
49 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (39 reports)
  2. aug 10th they have a new software update (4 reports)
  3. recall & fix were released on 8/10 by hyundai (4 reports)
  4. legal action! (1 reports)
  5. replaced fuel filters, cleaned tank and lines (1 reports)
2016 Hyundai Tucson transmission problems

transmission problem

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2016 Hyundai Tucson Owner Comments (Page 2 of 3)

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problem #29

Jul 272016

Tucson Limited Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,736 miles


While sitting at a red light, I push on the gas pedal but the car does not move (like the car is in neutral). Put the car in park, turned it off and on and tried again - no movement. Tried this several times - nothing. This has happened twice while I'm sitting at a red light on a busy street. Luckily, I had people stop both times to push my car out of harm's way, but I definitely could've caused an accident. The first time it happened, the car sat for 45 minutes or so after it was initially pulled off the road and I tried to move it again. It would move in reverse, but it would not move forward. After sitting 90 minutes (that's when the tow truck arrived), it was fine. It moved forward like there was never a problem. I still had it towed to the dealer; but of course they weren't able to replicate the problem, so they said "bring it back when it happens again." 6 weeks later (tonight), it happens again. Again, sitting in the middle of a line of traffic at a red light. Push on the gas pedal, no movement. This time, a tow truck arrived in about 60 minutes, but the car still would not move forward (it would go in reverse, but not forward) by the time the tow truck arrived. It's at the dealer again... The first time it was at the dealer for this issue, they said they had another customer's Tucson sitting on their lot with similar issues waiting for an Engineer from Hyundai to come in and take a look at it. I tried to follow up to see if they found anything, but no one has responded to my call. A BRAND NEW CAR THAT I'VE HAD FOR 8 MONTHS SHOULD NOT LEAVE ME SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC TWICE IN 6 WEEKS!!! Let's see what the dealership says this time. If i have it my way, I will not be bringing my car home until they figure out what is wrong and they fix it. In the mean time, they owe me a loaner. I am beyond upset, angry and frustrated. My husband bought a brand new Sonata in 2011 and has had several recalls on it over the life of the car; we will not buy another Hyundai.

- Ginger C., Harrisburg, PA, US

problem #28

Oct 212015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,000 miles

Hesitation from stop was a problem during test drive but salesman convinced me it was due to "turbo lag" & that i would get used to it- I bought into the BS. I have now had the car for over one year (no longer covered under Lemon Law) and the hesitation is getting worse and completely unpredictable. Have taken it into the shop twice now for same problem to no avail. Now that it appears there will be a recall coming in the next few weeks, hopefully this is resolved before someone is seriously hurt or worse. Very scary when it happens- especially if you're trying to pull out into traffic- yikes!

- shbartle, Longmont, US

problem #27

Oct 122016

Tucson Limited 1.6L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 6,900 miles

This complaint has been a continuing complaint since late 03/2016. I have taken to dealership twice, April and June, 2016, both times told nothing wrong. I called today because it is time for an oil change and I have a safety recall for a secondary hood latch. When I talked to Angel I also mentioned that my car needed to be checked for a continuing problem with the transmission. Angel said let me see if they have the parts for your two (2) recalls. I stopped her and said I only knew about one. We covered the hood latch and she told me that the other one was for CONTROL LOGIC (COMPUTER). I told her that I had no information on that and she said that it was new. She checked and they have the necessary items to fix both recalls. I went to the internet to find out what control logic is and found that IT HAS TO WITH THE TRANSMISSION. Let me see I think that is the thing I have been complaining about all along, since April 2016. Since my initial visit I have also had the vehicle roll down from an incline, like a standard would do, and lurch forward with speed. I am very concerned about my safety and any passengers.

Update from Oct 18, 2016: Hyundai finally decided that I wasn't the idiot. There really was something wrong with the transmission and they have issued a safety recall. I have just gone today to have the fix installed so will have to drive awhile to see if better. The sad news is that I did some research and Consumer Reports reported on the problem with my car last December, thats 2015. I reported to the dealership on the problem in April and again in June of 2016.

Needless to say, I was really upset when I got to the dealership.

- Ann D., Daphne, AL, US

problem #26

Sep 252016

Tucson Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,500 miles


I have had this car 1 month and was at a stop sign. Sure enough I try to go and am pressing and the car is going nowhere. I had to wait 3 hours for a tow and then they did the transmission update and said it was fixed. Well I got my car back it is still not right. The pedal does not match the acceleration and is very jumpy. I feel so unsafe in this car and want a way out of this. It was a $32,000 car and I felt much safer in my old Sonanta. When I go to make a turn, I never know how quickly the car will respond. I would NEVER suggest this car to someone as I truly feel it is a death trap.

- gaulisa, Addison, IL, US

problem #25

Sep 202016

Tucson Limited 1.6L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 500 miles

When I was backed down a driveway, I had the car in drive and pressed the accelerator and car would not move. I had the pedal all the way to the floor . After about 10 seconds it sputtered and moved about an inch, then it would not go anymore. It was very scary as I had a car behind me and a brick wall in front of me. It took about 10 tries to get the car out of the driveway. I do not want to experience this again!! I just read there will be a recall fix in October, but does that mean I need to wait till the dealer has the fix?? After reading all of the complaints, how do I know that the fix will work??

- Debra P., San Carlos, CA, US

problem #24

Sep 092016

Tucson Ultimate 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 11,000 miles

Purchased our car in March of 2016. The 2nd week we had it was our vacation. We made a trip to South Florida in which total travel was right at 2000 miles. The problem was noticed on our way back home. While pulling across the highway to enter a hotel parking lot, the car engine revved up and the car would not go. Pressed the accelerator all the way down and after a couple seconds the car lurched forward. I ended up pulling in front of an approaching vehicle. There were additional incidents but none quite as scary as the one I mentioned. I took the car back to the dealership where it was purchased for it's initial servicing. I mentioned the problem to the service manager and was told I just have to get used to driving the car. We rode in the car and could not get it to duplicate the issue. There have been other incidents in which I did not document any of them. Somewhere around 9/9/2016 I was crossing a highway to enter a pharmacy. The engine revved up but the car did not move. I pressed the accelerator all the way down and after a couple seconds the car lurched forward. There was an approaching car again in which I pulled out in front of them. Also, a couple of weeks ago we were parked facing downhill in a church parking lot. When we started to back out the engine revved up and the car rolled forward. There was a car parked directly in front of me in which I almost ran into. After pressing the accelerator all the way down the transmission finally caught up and the car lurched backwards. The car is especially annoying to drive if you are going through drive thru restaurants. Not only is the car very dangerous to drive, it is also very annoying. It seems to be a something between an automatic and manual transmission. Only you don't have control over when the clutch is released.

- Adrian W., Pinson, AL, US

problem #23

Aug 262016

Tucson Limited 1.6t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 8,000 miles


This is the second time this has happened with this vehicle. The first time happened at 6,000 miles where the car would not go forward at all and it had to be towed to the dealer and they said the car had to be "relearned" what ever the heck that meant. Then again this happened but at least car finally moved forward after I kept stepping on the gas pedal but was very sluggish and the rpms were running high. I will be taking this car back to the dealer on Monday

Update from Sep 2, 2016: So on Monday Aug. 29 the the dear did a new software update and so far it is good

- sandymacnj, Toms River, NJ, US

problem #22

Aug 062016

Tucson Limited 1.6L Turbo 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,300 miles

I replaced my faithful 06 Sonata with this car on January 1st, 2016. I expected to have NO issues for some time. I have been a faithful Hyundai owner since 2004, and totally satisfied.

I no longer feel THIS car is fit to drive, and completely feel unsafe in it.

Here's why:

On June 29, on my way to work, stopped at a light, in a left turn lane, I attempted to accelerate, and the engine just revved and was completely unresponsive. I kept putting it in Park and putting it in Drive. I shut it off and restarted it, and finally, it moved forward, allowing me only 5 mph forward movement. I pulled over, shut it off and restarted it. I continued to work and to the dealership direct, without a problem. They charged me for an overnight rental, while they looked at it. They couldn't duplicate the problem. They called and asked if their Tech could take it home overnight to Wilmington. They had me pick it up the next day, saying they couldn't find any codes or history of a problem, and couldn't duplicate.

After that I was leery of the car, and noticed more lurching forward after a stop but it always went forward. A week later, July 8, the car wouldn't start and had to be towed. The service department told me it was "an epic software failure" and they reported they were on the line with Tech support. Again, no engine codes or history and no way to duplicate the problem. The service manager then agreed to cover my rental and reimburse me for the previous rental. Then they called and had me bring in my other key fob because they thought that might be the problem. The next day they had me come to pick it up telling me they updated the software, and it could be the after-market remote starter, but when they went to bring it around, it wouldn't start!!! They removed the remote starter, and agreed to reimburse me for that. They kept the car another night just to test it out, and returned it to me on July 15.

It seemed fine but then I had another incident on August 4th and again on the 6th (This time I had a car full of witnesses!). I'm done. Both times I was stopped at a light, and couldn't move forward, having everyone beeping at me, while I push the accelerator to the floor and have nothing happen. I shift to Park and then Drive and then totally lurch forward. Both times this was going straight.

If I was turning into traffic, I would have been broadsided. I am fearful of all turns into traffic now. I have no confidence that the dealership has the answer at this point or can drive it long enough to experience the problem. I am in another rental at their expense.

THIS IS COMPLETELY UNPREDICTABLE AND SCARY AS HELL! I have lost confidence in this car, and am totally unhappy with this car! I have filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and anyone having this problem should also. Someone is going to be seriously hurt or killed.

- kathima, Burlington, MA, US

problem #21

Jun 152016

Tucson Unlimited 1.6t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 904 miles

The Hyundai Tucson transmission scared the $%^&* out of me, BUT THE REST OF THE CAR WAS PRETTY AWESOME, seriously, only small other things.

- J P., Chandler, AZ, US

problem #20

Jul 092016

Tucson Limited Turbo 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 13,845 miles

Not fixed at the dealership until Hyundai comes up with solution. This is a safety issue and Hyundai needs to issue a recall.

- monicaaz, Yuma, AZ, US

problem #19

Jul 192016

Tucson Limited 1.6L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,300 miles


no fix! /service dept. said "functioning as designed!" The following is an email I wrote to the owner/dealer, explaining what happened to me!

Hello Mr. Gettle,

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, to you.

I recently purchased a 2016 Hyundai Tuscon, from your Sarasota, Florida dealership, on Bee Ridge Road. I absolutely love this vehicle, and I am so distraught, with what has happened to it, and to me.

I have been dealing with your service people, and the general manager of your Lakewood store, in Bradenton, Florida, as this is closer for me, than Sarasota. Last week while driving this vehicle, I was stopped at a red light on University, heading to UTC Mall. When it was time, to move, the car would not! When I took my foot off the brake, it would not move! It would not roll forward, it would not do anything!! The RPM's jumped on gauges and AC cut out. I shut off the Ac, but the same issue was repeating itself. I also tried a different drive mode. Nothing worked, until I applied MAX acceleration, as I had to get out of the intersection, somehow, at which point the tires squealed, and the car took off!!! I found a parking space and turned the car off. I called my service advisor, at your Lakewood store, and he told me to have it towed in. I chose to drive it in, and take my chances, as it doesn't do this on the highway, only at a stop, or slowing way down. I got their safe, thank goodness!!!

Your Lakewood service techs, performed Hyundai Multi Point Inspection and I was told, and it is written on my service order, "Tech unable to duplicate issue. No issue found. Vehicle functioning as designed!"

Prior to this visit, when I was there for an oil change, and to have by rain guards installed, I complained to my service advisor, that my car was lagging, when at a stop and start or when I slowed down, and then accelerated. His answer was, that I needed to put better gas in my car! Also , while waiting in your waiting room for my car (2 hours),on another visit for a recall on hood latch, and I had a faulty/defective key fob, and horn that was being replaced, I overheard your service advisors, one of which was speaking with a customer, on the phone, discussing how irate she was, because her vehicle had an issue stopping and starting, and something to do with the double clutch, and she had called before,..etc. I decided to look this issue up. I googled it, and to my surprise the 2016 Hyundai Tuscon, has some serious safety issues!!! Numerous customer complaints, and Hyundai cannot find a fix for it! I was thinking, "wow" so glad that hasn't happened to me.! One week later, it did!

I have contacted Consumer Affairs, per your service advisor's recommendation, and your service manager, and I have a case number, however I have not heard back, at this writing. Your people, reluctantly, have given me a rental, as I refused to drive my car! I'm very frightened. Your General Manager, offered to drive my car, for 3 days, to see if it would happen to him. I have not heard anything, at this writing. He also offered to trade me! There is nothing there, that I want. I purchased what I wanted! I would like a buy back! It is not my fault that Hyundai refuses to admit there is a problem or does not have a fix for this problem! Your service people, know about this, but they claim they do not! (i refer back to the conversation that I overheard!) This car is UNSAFE! I have checked this with Edmonds.com Consumer Reports, and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safte;y Admin.) It's all there! If they know this, why doesn't the service dept.?

Im writing to you, because I don't know what else to do, or where to turn. I'm appealing for your help, and a resolution. I will never feel safe in this vehicle, again. I paid over $34,000.00 for this vehicle, a couple of months ago! It only has 2300 miles, on it! My goodness!! This is so wrong, and so unfair, on so many levels, and UNSAFE. I even asked your General Manager what he would do, if this was his mother's vehicle. His response, " I wouldn't have put her in that vehicle!" Really??

I am anxiously awaiting your reply. Thank you, again, for taking the time to read this, and get back with me, at your earliest convenience.

At this writing, August 3, 2016, I still have a rental, and no resolution!

- Tari G., Bradenton, FL, US

problem #18

Jul 082016

Tucson Limited 1,6t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 2,700 miles

My 2016 Tucson Limited has a dangerous problem with the transmission. Intermittently It will not move when i give it gas. The RPMS go up to 6000 but the car wont move. Its the DCT transmission. Today I took it in for the 3rd time and I dont want it back until its fixed. The car is a death trap. I found over 130 compliants filed for the same issue on the NHTSA website, I cannot believe there is no recall for this. Someone is going to get killed. I almost did the first time it happened to me. I am also hoping there is some kind of compensation for this issue. I lost a day of work today because of this and if I want to get rid of this care I will lose about 8,000 off a car I just bought in February. But i cannot imagine ever feeling safe in it again. Thank You

- Patricia P., Williamsville, NY, US

problem #17

Aug 042016

Tucson Limited 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,332 miles

On July 25, 2016, took vehicle in for hood latch recall with 1332 miles on the vehicle. While at the dealership service center, they performed a software update. This update created the instrument panel too illegible - the instrument cluster was defected. The part was ordered and it was to take 30 days to be delivered. Fortunately, it took 10 days. Picked up the vehicle on 8/4/16 after work, drove less then 1 mile came to a stop light once it turned green the vehicle would not drive. Being in the center lane of the highway with flashers on, on coming vehicles just missed slamming into the rear. Finally got it back to the dealership, they have indicated it is the dual clutch issue.

This is very unsafe vehicle to drive since you would not know when it would just stop shifting and driving. Have registered a complaint with Hyundai Motors as the service department does not know when the vehicle will be repaired. Thank the Lord no one was killed this time!

- Elizabeth F., Nashua, NH, US

problem #16

Jun 262016

Tucson Limited 1.6t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 6,817 miles

I recently purchased a 2016 Hyundai Tucson and had started to experience some serious problems. Mid-June I started to experience some mechanical failures. My air conditioning completely stopped blowing any cold air and my check engine light came on. Later that day I experienced extreme loss of power in my vehicle. When attempting to accelerate by pressing the gas pedal the car did not move at all, when I attempted to shut my car off the power button did not work. I then had to put my car back in drive and then back in park again in order to get my vehicle to shut off.

I then contacted the Hyundai dealer and had my vehicle towed there. My vehicle was there for a total of two weeks, and the staff was not very responsive to me or friendly for that matter. I had to call all the time to even get updates on my vehicle and when I did call the service adviser handing my vehicle always had an attitude and It was always an unpleasant experience. Two weeks later (July 11th) I finally got my car back and was promised that the issues were fixed. Three days later (July 14th) I began driving up my street and experienced the same problem, except it was 10 times worse.

When I proceeded to back out of my driveway my car would not accelerate and then all of the sudden it felt like the car found its gear and moved. When then putting the car into drive and proceeding to drive up the street the same thing happened, I was pressing the gas pedal attempting to accelerate and the car would not move at all. I managed to put the car back in reverse and put the car back in front of my house. The next morning I called the Hyundai Dealer and spoke with the same service adviser I had dealt with previously. She instructed me to have the car towed back in. My car has been at the Hyundai Dealer since July 15th 2016 and I have not heard a single word from them since then.

- tucsontroubles, Pittsburgh, PA, US

problem #15

Jul 272016

Tucson Sport 1.6L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 11,000 miles

Almost got in a car accident due to this problem. This is awful. They have had the car now for over 30 days! Not thrilled with Corp. Hyundai. The dealership has been great.

- tdjd, Merritt Island, FL, US

problem #14

Jan 012016

Tucson Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 3,000 miles

I have a 2016 Tucson Limited which has had recurring issues with acceleration or lack thereof. It has been ongoing since I've owned the vehicle and now it is finally being considered for a buyback. The problem is as described by others on this site, i.e. it refuses to move when accelerator is pushed and then will lurch dangerously. This causes an unsafe condition and seems to get worse the longer I have the vehicle. I've taken it to the dealership on many occasions and they can really do nothing. It is caused by the dual clutch which is a manual solenoid which makes the vehicle (supposedly) shift automatically.

Two engineers came to the dealership and drove it and came back saying it was operating as it was designed. However, this does not make it acceptable. I have taken it further and have just now received paperwork to agree to a buy back settlement. This is definitely not acceptable either as it gives me nothing to purchase another vehicle. I'm retired and didn't plan on having to purchase another vehicle in my lifetime. I'm asking anyone who reads this post if we should consider a class action suit to get some resolution.

- Judith S., Smithville, US

problem #13

Jul 272016

Tucson Limited 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,650 miles

I was waiting in a fast food drive through when I needed to go up a slight incline from a dead stop. Suddenly, the car would not move. I was afraid to push the accelerator too much, but the car ahead of me moved forward while I shifted into reverse, neutral, and finally back to drive. Eventually, it moved forward "normally." It had hesitated and lurched before (other issues), but never refused to move.

Update from Aug 10, 2016: This has happened again. Tonight I was scared I was going to be rear-ended. Multiple times the car would not move from a dead stop at a light. Twice the car finally lurched forward and the tires squealed. Going to the dealer tomorrow.

Update from Aug 23, 2016: I did take my vehicle to the dealer on 8/11. They stated that a recall/fix had just been released on 8/10 and they applied it to my car. I was skeptical. However, I checked the Hyundai corporate website after I returned home for recalls on my VIN. Both the hood latch recall and the DCT recall were listed. It showed that the recall/fix were released on 8/10 and applied to my vehicle on 8/11. So far, the car runs smoother than ever and has had no hesitation. So, check with your dealer.......

- Jenelle V., Temple, TX, US

problem #12

Dec 222015

Tucson Limited 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80 miles

Will not accelerate from a stop at times. Started out just in eco, but now has progressed to standard mode.

This could be very dangerous at certain tmes. Is intermitant an never happens when a tech is driving it. Something has to be done before someone gets killed. Not at all happy with this car now and would like it fixed or replaced.

Update from Jul 30, 2016: We now have about 4900 miles on the car. Is still not working properly. Is now doing it in standard mode as well as eco mode. Have opened a case compaint on the suv with corporate. Hope they can do something soon.

- taylor39, Tavares, FL, US

problem #11

Jul 232016

Tucson Limited 1.6L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,500 miles

Since purchasing in April 2016 I noticed a hesitation in acceleration but just thought it was because I was going from a V6 to a V4 even though this was a turbo charged 1.6L, however today, July 23rd has taken the cake. I was on a hill after stopping at a stoplight and although the car was in normal drive mode the vehicle would not move when I pushed down on the accelerator. The RPMs shot up but the car would not move forward. I had to get out of the vehicle in traffic and motion several cars around me. I put the car in park and then back in drive to try and go forward but it would not move. I ended up having to back down the hill nearly being hit by oncoming vehicles including a bus. The vehicle then drove forward. I got rid of my last car a 2007 Monte Carlo because of it's unreliability after 175,000 but here I am with a 3 month old vehicle and less than 6,000 miles on this new vehicle and I'm afraid to drive it. What's the point of having a new vehicle if you are too afraid to drive. After reading your website and all the similar complaints I contacted the Dean Team Hyundai dealer where I purchased the vehicle and she stated she is not aware of this problem but did go ahead and make an appointment for me on Monday. I will update this post as I hopefully can resolve these issues.

- Danette W., Saint Louis, MO, US

problem #10

Jul 212016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,900 miles

Waiting at a traffic signal to turn green and the car just wont move, even with pressing hard on gas. Put it back in park (meanwhile everyone behind is honking) and then drive mode, and still no response. Suddenly in one of the attempts of pressing on the gas, it accelerated forward, but by that time the signal had turned orange. Pretty scary situation. Even after that, the Tucson was no accelerating as it should. Parked it on the side, switched engine off, turned it back again and then the transmission worked fine. Have had similar experience on other occasions, It gets scary when you are in a yielding position and then the car wouldn't move. Definitely a risk to life. Hyundai should come out with a recall soon before someone dies due to this car transmission problem.

- sag, Phoenix, AZ, US

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