1997 Mercury Mountaineer

7 Recalls & Safety Reports

Recall List for the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

Official recalls have been issued for the 1997 Mercury Mountaineer by the NHTSA. The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions.

Recalls don't cost you anything to get fixed, but most are time-limited, so if your car is affected you should call your local Mercury service department immediately!

If you have questions about a recall, write down your VIN & then call Mercury customer service.

  1. RECALL: Speed Control Deactivation Switch/Overheats

    A vehicle fire could occur with or without the engine running. Read more »

    Date Announced
    OCT 13, 2009
    Vehicles Affected
  2. RECALL: Ford/Throttle

    This could result in engine surge when the accelerator pedal breaks free. Read more »

    Date Announced
    DEC 27, 2000
    Vehicles Affected
  3. RECALL: Ford/Sway Bar

    Vehicle handling could be affected, increasing the risk of a crash. Read more »

    Date Announced
    NOV 28, 2000
    Vehicles Affected
  4. RECALL: Firestone/Tread Separation

    If the tread separates from the tire, the driver can lose control of the vehicle, possibly resulting in a crash causing injury or death. Read more »

    Date Announced
    AUG 21, 2000
    Vehicles Affected
  5. RECALL: Ford/Jump Starting

    The fuel lines can leak, and in the presence of an ignition source, a fire could potentially result. Read more »

    Date Announced
    MAR 19, 1998
    Vehicles Affected
  6. RECALL: Ford/Liftgate Bracket Welds

    The gas cylinder bracket may not properly support the liftgate increasing the risk of personal injury. Read more »

    Date Announced
    AUG 19, 1997
    Vehicles Affected
  7. RECALL: Ford/Throttle

    Although the vehicle can be controlled by either applying the service brakes or shifting the transmission to neutral, increased brake pedal efforts or some increase in stopping distance can ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    APR 30, 1997
    Vehicles Affected

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