2020 Nissan Altima TSB 10170020

Nissan TSB #PC724 2020 Altim

2020 Nissan Altima

TSB Document:


VCR Engine Inspection *****Dealer Announcement***** Nissan is conducting a quality action on 10 specific MY 2020 Altima (L34) vehicles identified in Service Comm, to remove and inspect the lower engine oil pan. Affected vehicles are subject to stop sale and are either currently in dealer inventory or assigned and in transit to the dealer. *****What Dealers Should Do***** PLEASE FOLLOW THE ATTACHED REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Verify if vehicles are affected by this quality action using Service Comm or DBS National Service History – Open Campaigns I.D. PC724  - New vehicles in dealer inventory can also be identified using DBS (Sales-> Vehicle Inventory, and filter by Open Campaign).  - Refer to NPSB 15-460 for additional information  - Please continue to check newly arriving inventory for campaign applicability. 2. Please do not drive, sell, loan or trade the specific 2020 Altima vehicles in Dealer Inventory subject to this Quality Action. 3. Use the attached procedure to inspect the vehicle.  - If no gold colored debris is found in the lower engine oil pan, reseal the oil pan per the Electronic Service Manual (ESM).  - File a claim for the inspection, and release the vehicle for sale  - If gold colored debris is found in the lower engine oil pan, provide the requested information in an email to nnafqasupport@nissan-usa.com and HOLD the vehicle.  - Do not file a claim Nissan Field Quality will review the E-mail submissions within two (2) business days of receipt and provide further instruction.

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Date Published
DEC 20, 2019
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