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Affected Component: SEATS

This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician on how to diagnose and repair vehicles that may have a rattle noise from the second row seat. Technician will need to inspect the striker not aligned properly in latch opening. To repair this condition, rework/adjust the striker in the direction to center it in the latch opening. An adjustable wide mouth metal working tool may be used to adjust the striker just enough to center in the latch opening. Technician may find a seat bottom latch may have an unequal latch opening side-to-side for the striker to seat into. To repair this condition, with the affected seat in the tumbled forward position, while applying steady, firm pressure, cycle the seat down into the latched position. Some vehicles built prior to 09/21/2015 with 60/40 Split Bench Seat may have 60-percent long side bench, inboard latch may not be properly aligned in striker opening. Technician will need to place a 2.6 mm thick flat washer over the 40 percent seat base stud, not the floor stud. Some vehicles may have a seat base plat that rattles against the rib in the floor pan. Apply Mylar tape to the floor pan under the seat plate to provide relief for the rattle condition.

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Date Published
OCT 24, 2016
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