2008 Honda Accord engine problems: fouled spark plug

Fouled Spark Plug

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This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Honda dealer.

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CarComplaints.com Notes: The 2008 Honda Accord has several serious defects: poor brakes, excessive oil consumption, & uncomfortable seats.

BRAKES: There was a class action lawsuit against Honda in 2010 for premature & excessive brake wear. See our page on Honda's brake problems for more info.

OIL CONSUMPTION: Honda issued a TSB about this in late 2011, claiming it could be fixed through a software update to the VCM (variable cylinder management). There are class action lawsuits pending. See our page about the Accord oil consumption.

UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS: Owners have consistently reported uncomfortable seats with the entire 8th generation (2008-2012) of Honda Accords. Complaints range from back pain to leg circulation problems due to bad lumbar support, cushioning, & seat angle. Complaints aren't limited to only a certain body type -- the seat comfort problems are from a wide spectrum of owner height & weight. The common theme we hear is "we never noticed this during the test drive." Unfortunately for unwary buyers, the seat pain is noticeable after 15-20 minutes.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
58,550 miles
Total Complaints:
31 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. spark plug replaced (25 reports)
  2. not sure (3 reports)
  3. replace piston rings, gaskets, plugs (2 reports)
  4. new valve seals (1 reports)
2008 Honda Accord engine problems

engine problem

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2008 Honda Accord Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #31

Feb 072020

Accord V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles


I found out about the VCM causing oil consumption way after the court case and recall. Dealer wanted $4500 to replace the rings on 3 cylinders... NA....

I found a gizmo to attach to the temp sensor that will make the VCM inactive. I then tilled the 3 cylinders with ATF and let them soak for 2 days. I sucked the ATF out... cranked the engine and blew the rest out... new plugs, change the oil... used to consume 1 quart every 350 miles. Just changed the oil at the suggested interval.... The wrench came on. I had only consumed 1/2 a quart. What is that, 10,000 miles? $100 fixed that issue.

- M.C. A., Mount Juliet, TN, US

problem #30

Jun 042018

Accord EX-L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 106,900 miles

I took the car into the dealership today. I was informed that the service bulletin regarding repair of this issue was issued in 2016, when my car would have been 8 years old. It included only 8 year old cars or newer. I was never informed of this bulletin and the time limit. Also, given the problem did not exist for me then, I probably would not have been covered. I am a low mileage driver. So, I guess I will be replacing the fouled spark plugs and buying quarts of oil for a while.

- Linda T., Cumming, US

problem #29

Jul 132016

Accord LX 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 158,000 miles

Replaced all 6 spark plugs - #3 had numerous misfires

- jpederson, Johnston, IA, US

problem #28

Sep 092015

Accord EX-L 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 58,000 miles


I was mad as hell, specially at myself for leaving Toyota and buying a Honda lemon, but Honda picked up the tab on that one.

- jamais encore1, fort pierce, US

problem #27

Jan 062010

Accord EX V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles

The engine oil level indicator and actual oil in the engine never matched up. Unknowingly, I drove thousands of miles without oil. Honda service center guys were not very cooperative for listening and helping in this issue. They insisted that customers should check oil levels on their own. Finally, after persisted follow ups they have agreed to fix.

- Chetan S., Saint Paul, MN, US

problem #26

Sep 122012

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,675 miles

My 2008 accord, v-6 EX started running rough. The engine light came on. I was on the road so i had to use my TomTom to find a dealership. Dealership found a fouled spark plug in cylinder 1. Work code P0301. They replaced the plug and re-loaded the software. When i asked what fouled the plug they said it was due to the software but they re-loaded it and i wouldn't have the problem again. When they told me it would be a "goodwill" service, that was my second hint that Honda must have known about this issue. I'm happy that there was no charge, thank you to Thelen Honda, MI. But why the blank can't Honda let us know about issues like this before we are stranded away from home?! I've been a loyal Honda buyer but now I'm looking elsewhere. I've also had the premature brake wear, and the poor leather quality issues. What else is coming my way, Honda?

- Roz P., Willliamston, MI, US

problem #25

Dec 122012

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,500 miles


I was driving to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend at the airport as they were flying in to get on a cruise. On my way to the airport, doing approximately 70 mph, I felt the car hesitate (lose power) for a second and then my Check Engine light started blinking. I immediately pulled off at the next exit and when I came to the stop sign, my car was idling VERY rough. I thought it was going to stall. There wasn't much I could do as they needed to get to the port by a certain time. After I dropped them off and parked the car for about 30 minutes, I started up the car (didn't know if it was going to start or not but it did!) and I drove around town. The light went off and the car seemed to run ok so I was relieved. Then on my way back home, driving down the highway again, the same thing happened. I was in a situation that I had to press the gas in order to pass a car and the RPMs went up to about 4,000 and then dropped to 1,500 and the car hesitated to the point I thought I was going to get in to an accident! The car has 79,500 miles on it and this really pisses me off after reading all the complaints.

- John B., Sarasota, FL, US

problem #24

Feb 242012

Accord EX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,885 miles

the same awful spark plug number #3 again and again pull me down to the service to replace.

this time i just replaced number #3

- Meshari A., Bayan, Kuwait, Kuwait

problem #23

Dec 022012

Accord EX 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,934 miles

I bought new set from ebay and replace the whole old ones to prevent misfiring but unfortunately less than a month it went so bad and i just replaced number #3 and it worked good but the check engine didn't turned off and the ECO don't work.

i think I'm gonna change them all one more time.

it gets me very crazy, i started to hate this car.

- Meshari A., Bayan, Kuwait, Kuwait

problem #22

Sep 062012

Accord EX-L 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 89,000 miles

With absolutely no warning, while driving on the freeway, the engine light came on and the car began to run roughly and would barely idle without dying. Nursed it to a gas station and checked the oil (ok). Nursed it the rest of the way home to local mechanic. Turns out the spark plugs were badly worn out (not exactly fouled). The center electrodes were burned away. Have never seen plugs so bad, and I'm 69 years old and have been mostly doing my own maintenance and repair since I was 14!

Just surprising that the problem arose so abruptly. Gas mileage was good and car ran fine right up to the failure.

- Ronald L., Canton, GA, US

problem #21

Oct 202008

Accord V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 16,128 miles


My 2008 Honda Accord had a engine light come on during highway driving on the way home from a family vacation. The car was purchased in April and the engine light came on in October with 16,128 miles on it. We stopped at the first Honda dealer on our route. Code P0303 diagnosed. Since car was so new at the time, the dealer did not have a spark plug so they took one out of a new car on the lot and replaced spark plug under warranty.

It is now 2011 and the same problem is reoccurring. The car now has 55,740 miles and diagnosed code P303 on cylinder 3 is back. The service man called and said they need to replace the spark plug and install the software upgrade. I asked if this still fell under warranty since this is a repeat problem and a known problem. I have the documentation with me from the first go around with this problem, including the picture of the spark plug. I am taking the info from this website and service bulletins found on the internet with me when I go to pick up my car tonight. By Honda standards, this car does not have very many miles on it and shouldn’t have to replace spark plugs on this cylinder twice!

- Renee S., Corning, NY, US

problem #20

Nov 082011

Accord EXL 3.5L,V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 28,978 miles

I recently purchased a 2008 Honda Accord, V6 as a third vehicle for saving gas. My other two vehicles are both V8s and full size.

On Monday of this week, my wife was driving on the interstate and the check engine light came on as the engine began to misfire. She continued to drive home and called me. Upon my arrival, I immediately took the car to the Honda Dealership. The next day, I was called and told that the car was ready for pick up. I was informed that the problem was the #3 spark plug and that it had been replaced.

Since the car only has 28,980 miles on it, I asked why I was being requested to pay 148.00 to replace a spark plug on a car that still was under the new car warranty and has an extended warranty. I was told that it was not covered.

I also feel and hear a rotating rumble in the engine while driving at 45-70 mile per hour. I compare it to the feeling of a bad tire, but I am told that it is not a tire and that all 2008 Honda Accords, V6 had that same roar. If this is the case, I would not recommend anyone buying this car.

- domin1204, Richmond, VA, US

problem #19

Oct 192011

Accord V6 Luxury 3.5

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,594 miles

My wife was traveling on highway at 100 km/h when engine management light came on and running rough at low revs. Advised by Honda to take it to the nearest dealer. They needed the car for 2 days (overnight accommodation at my wife's expense in a strange town). Advised it was spark plug fouling (I had issues earlier in the cars life and had the spark plugs replaced under warranty at approx 70,000 km). Honda told me at the time that e10 unleaded was the cause (even though I rarely used it) and to use premium unleaded (approx 10 - 15 c/litre dearer in Australia). The plugs were cleaned/replaced and my wife was able to continue her journey the next day. However 200 km down the road the engine management light came on again, forcing her again to go to another Honda dealer, in another strange town, and another wasted day for my wife trying to get this recurring problem fixed. This is putting her life at risk every time she is broken down by the side of the road. Enough is enough.

- dangerousdeputy, Tieri, QLD, Australia

problem #18

May 082011

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles

I just completed my 5th trip to Honda for the check engine light coming on and being told it was a spark plug issue...like all others #3! This is the 4th time I was told by Honda that they did a computer upgrade and this would be the "last" time it should happen. My last visit (prior to the 5th incident) I was told that the mechanics were on the phone all day with the Honda engineers having them walk through the problem and how to correct it. Well, those engineers must be a bunch of idiots because 2 months later I was back at Honda with another fouled spark plug! I am now being told it was high oil consumption that could be causing the spark plugs to fry. My oil % was at 50% and no where near their recommendation for an oil change. I have to bring the car back in 1,000 miles to see where the oil is at...but my guess is that this will not get me anywhere since there seems to be several complaints on the oil consumption issue as well.

I am convinced I have a lemon but Honda keeps telling me everything is fine. I've had my car 3 years and it has been in the shop 30+ times with issues (not including the standard oil change visits, etc.). I should have know when I had the car a month (brand new) and it died on me that this was going to be a nightmare!

- dld79, Philadelphia, PA, US

problem #17

Jul 122011

Accord EXL V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 67,000 miles

The failure of spark plugs that are supposed to last 100k miles is apparently an issue with the 2008+ Honda Accord V6. Dealer will not acknowledge that it's an issue even though they admitted there is a bulletin out on the problem.

- ginskee, Cave Creek, AZ, US

problem #16

Mar 042011

Accord EX-L 3.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,000 miles

The coil wire and spark plug had to be replaced at 48,000 miles. 5,000 miles later I am in the same boat all over again. This is complete and utter crap that Honda is not covering a part that is not supposed to be replaced until 100,000 miles. Tons of people are having this problem. I have contacted a lawyer about starting a class action lawsuit.

- Tiffany G., Chesnee, SC, US

problem #15

Jun 102011

Accord EX-L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,000 miles

same thing everyone else is saying. the plugs are supposed to be replaced around 100k miles and plugs #1 and #3 were misfiring. the code reader said: "cylinder 1. p0301". one dealer told me $30 per plug and another sold 'em to me for $21 but I still feel like I got ripped off. the three that were most damaged were the ones near the cabin. farthest from the front of the car and harder to reach of course :)

- vinnyjamesca, Campbell, CA, US

problem #14

May 082011

Accord EX-L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,000 miles

My 2008 Honda Accord V6 Coupe had 84,000 miles when the check engine light came on. A split second before the light came on, I felt the engine miss or shudder. I was going about 70mph at the time, so I immediately pulled over. The engine was running very rough. My warranty expired 4000 miles ago (go figure) so I took it to a non-Honda dealer. They found "cylinder #3 misfire" to be the problem, like others I have now read about on the internet. They said there was excessive carbon on the spark plug for cylinder 3, as well as on other spark plugs they checked. The repair shop replaced all 6 spark plugs and cleaned the entire fuel induction system (to rid the system of excessive carbon).

I plan on calling Honda to report this problem and asking them to compensate me for the $550 repair, because I know that the spark plugs should not already have problems at 84000 miiles. In my humble opinion, the cylinders are not burning the fuel correctly, which is leading to excessive build-up of carbon in the fuel chamber. My repair shop is giving me a 2 year/ 24000 mile warranty on the spark plug work, so I will wait to see if I have any more problems with the spark plugs.

- Michael A., Charlotte, NC, US

problem #13

Apr 112011

Accord EX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I am highly disappointed in my 2008 Honda Accord's performance. I have had multiple issues with this car since I purchased it brand new in June 2008. While, I thought I purchased a reliable car that could be driven as much as I desired, I was sadly mistaken. After only 60,000 miles on my car, a check engine light comes during on a major road trip. The dealership "discovered" that 1 spark plug went bad. Of course, they tried to sell me on replacing all 6, but only 1 had gone out.

I am not sure where Honda received their faulty parts from, but this is just one of the issues I have had with my car. I would discourage ANYONE from purchasing a 08 Honda Accord.

- Stephanie D., Alexandria, VA, US

problem #12

Dec 192010

Accord EX 3.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,011 miles

My 2008 Honda Accord had a engine light come on during highway driving. I stopped at an auto parts store to read the code "cyl 3 mis-fire". I took the car to my Honda dealer where they replaced plugs 1-3 due to excessive fouling, meaning the car is burning oil and was 1-1/2 qts low since my oil change < 2000 ago. Honda also checked the cylinder as sometimes the plug comes apart dropping pieces in the cylinder. Mine was clean otherwise they would need to pull the head. They advised me to check the oil level often as there is an oil problem that there is not currently a cure for. I plan on trading the car ASAP which is really upsetting as this was my 12th Honda and until now i've never had an issue.

- Don J., Kansas City, MO, US

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