Notes: We're not used to seeing any major problems with Hyundai, which makes the early signs of trouble with the 2013 Elantra very surprising, in a bad way.

Early trends show problems with the steering wandering / pulling to one side along with premature tire wear. Elantra owners have tried sensor adjustments, wheel alignments, even replacing axles, most with no luck. Hyundai has made vehicle buybacks through arbitration, but that rarely works out well financially for owners in the end.

Also there is a pattern of complaints about the 2013 Elantra brakes grinding at very low mileage. It seems there was a bad batch of OEM pads & rotors, but so far Hyundai is not doing a recall. Instead Hyundai issued a TSB & dealers have been replacing pads & rotors on a per-complaint basis.

The final straw is that for several years in a row, Elantra owners report significantly lower gas mileage than the EPA estimates, & there's a small trend of engine problems.


fairly significant
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
10,750 miles
Total Complaints:
47 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (24 reports)
  2. replaced rotors and pads (11 reports)
  3. replaced brake pads and resurfaced rotors (4 reports)
  4. resurfaced rotors (4 reports)
  5. replaced break pads (2 reports)
  6. going to the arbitration through camvap (1 reports)
2013 Hyundai Elantra brakes problems

brakes problem

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2013 Hyundai Elantra Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #47

Jun 112013

Elantra Limited 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,000 miles


Rotors and pads had to be replaced after 6 months of owning the car. I do put a lot of miles on my car, but that is ridiculous!

- Jennifer S., Phillipsburg, US

problem #46

Jun 202017

Elantra L 1.8L

  • Manual transmission
  • 29,750 miles

The service gal at Hyundai called me while the car was in for the 30,000 mile inspection this week to tell me I needed new rotors and new pads on all 4 wheels. 30,000 miles !! This is the third time I have spent money on the brakes since I leased it new in December 2012. The first time the rotors were turned and new pads installed on the front in 2014. The second time major work on the rear brakes in 2016. Now AGAIN, new rotors and pads on ALL 4 wheels. To top it off when I went to pick it up and said that I found the brake maintenance required on this Elantra L 2013 was truly excessive the service mechanic said the brakes need to be cleaned and maintained once a year, at a cost of Can $149 each time, and that I had twice refused this service, once in 2013 and again in 2015. He went on to say that leaving the hand brake on for more than short periods can be very damaging to brake wear. Furthermore, not driving the car enough is also ''bad for the brakes'' as the rotors then accumulate more rust even faster, which worsens the situation and causes the braking equipment to deteriorate even faster.

I've been driving Hyundai's since 2001 and generally speaking I enjoy driving them. They run well, accelerate nicely, at least the manual shifts do, they stop well in spite of the high brake-end maintenance and they are relatively comfortable and well equipped on a quality/price scale. But each model seems to have its own major bug. With the 2000 Accent it was front wheel bearings - 4 times!! On the 2004 Elantra L the Hyundai service manager recommended that I change out the clutch in 2010. In fact I sold the car in 2012 and the buyer only changed the clutch in 2015. The clutch lasted 5 years beyond his 2010 recommendation. And with the 2013 Elantra L it's the high-maintenance cost braking system. I noticed that the 2017 Elantra L now has gone back to the old style drum brakes on the rear with an upgrade option to disks on all 4 wheels. Maybe that ''says something'' about the brake problem I have discussed here.

As a positive aside Hyundai just changed the engine this week under warranty without any fuss. My 16 years of experience with Hyundai and this no-fuss replacement under warranty will probably win the day when my lease is up in December 2017 and I will most likely stick with Hyundai.

- luna5589, Montreal, QC, Canada

problem #45

Aug 312014

Elantra GLS Coupe 1.8L

  • Manual transmission
  • 6,214 miles

Bought vehicle new beginning of 2014, within 10,000km the front brakes were already grinding. I toughed them out until 60,000 and had to change the pads and rotors myself. 250$ US to change them.

- alexanderleet, Richmond, QC, Canada

problem #44

Sep 052016

Elantra SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,000 miles


Had to replace front rotors and brake pads at about 35,000 miles. Mechanic said they were BAD!!! I've always had to step hard on my brakes to get them to work; my husband was driving and really had to stomp to get the car to stop. Made a call to our mechanic (a really nice, honest guy) and brought it in. The sway bar and the front brakes had to be replaced. It was down to metal on metal. Aren't brakes supposed to last longer than 35,000 miles?? Yeah, thought so. My husband dives a 2010 Fusion with almost 100,000 miles and we've spent LESS on repairs on his car total than we've spent on mine in less than four years. Anybody out there have a suggestion for a good car??

- Terry A., Burlington, WI, US

problem #43

Nov 302013

Elantra GLS 1.8L 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 100 miles

The worse brake grinding noise I've ever heard when moderately to hard braking.

- Edmundo Z., FAIRFIELD, CA, US

problem #42

May 012016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,000 miles

My wife has had this car for a couple of years now. The grinding brakes have always been noticeable. We took it to local tire and brake shop and had the brakes, rotors and calipers replaced when the brakes wore down. The parts from NAPA (not Hyundai) acted exactly the same a the original manufacturer parts. There has never been an issue with the safety of the vehicle. Is it just how the pads are made these days?

- mike h, Ferndale, WA, US

problem #41

Dec 302015

Elantra GLS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,000 miles


Pennsylvania has state inspection. My car was inspected in June of 2015. No problems. I went in for a routine oil change in December 2015. I was told that the brakes on all four wheels needed total replacement to the tune of over $800. That the rotors were rusted and the car was unsafe to drive. I went ahead and got them fixed because I was told it could be dangerous, especially when a chunk of the rotor was missing on the front wheel.

Dealer said he had no idea of what happened, said maybe I don't drive it enough. Really? A friend said that he has heard of this in Hyundai's, that the brakes grind from the onset (mine did, I was told this was normal...a little rust on the rotors) and that one has to end up getting them replaced. Seems to me this is a problem with the product, not with wear and tear. I don't know how to contact the company and ask for this to be covered, but it should be. AND the worst part, I think they replaced it with rotors made by the same company! HELP

- Barbara K., Glenshaw, PA, US

problem #40

Jul 242015

Elantra GT 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,000 miles

Visit dealer and reported grinding and abnormal vibration.

2nd visit dealer re-surfaced rotor and they can't find root cause.

Severe grinding and vibration again and dealer can't find and they didn't do anything.

Please don't buy Hyundai car.

- skim0914, Oakland Tonwship, MI, US

problem #39

Aug 012013

Elantra GL

  • Automatic transmission
  • 300 miles

The car only has 2000 miles on it and the grind noise has gotten worse. I can't image what the problem is but dealer says there's no recall even though online that's the #1 complaint with this car.

- Tina M., Olive Branch, MS, US

problem #38

Sep 012014

Elantra 1.8L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 4,000 miles

I really love and appreciate my Hyundai Elantra but am a bit concerned about the noise I hear and the sensation I feel in the brake pedal when I'm driving, especially down hill. I have an appointment with the dealer to have it checked out in a few weeks.

- Jacquelyn A., LOS GATOS, California, US

problem #37

Jun 202015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,543 miles


I didn't even get a a mile from the dealership before I noticed the sound. Took it back and they basic told me to deal with it. Its a shame because I love the car but just think Hyundai needs to address the problem!!

- rswaverly, Salem, NJ, US

problem #36

Jun 152012

Elantra Limited 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,000 miles

Since backing out of my driveway the day after "on line" purchase in 6/12, I ahve been complaining about the "grind" when breaking (at any speed). I have been told by the local dealer either: 1) "there is no noise" 2) this is how all Elantras sound" 3) "you have rust on the rotors" and my favorite 4) "you do not drive it enough --- it sits too long and gets rust on the rotors." Obviously, no matter how much the car is driven the grinding continues.

Local repair shop suggests changing pads first and then rotors if necessary. This is a Hyundai manufacturing problem, as noted so often on this site. The dealer should fix it but for reasons of sanity I will probably let my local mechanic do the work and just suck up the costs.

This complaint is about brakes, but there is a litany of oddities and downright dangerous quirks of this vehicle. Loved another poster's mention of heated seats as one of the few positive aspects of the car. Agree.

How in God's name have so many publications recommended this vehicle.

Just looked it up. Hyundai is Korean for NEVER AGAIN!!!!

- David B., Harrisonburg, VA, US

problem #35

Oct 182013

Elantra GLS 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,500 miles

According to the dealer nothing is wrong with the brakes. Have continued to drive the vehicle and the sound is very noticable. Hyundai needs to address the issue and fix the problem,

- Darlene L., Bellmawr, NJ, US

problem #34

Jan 012014

Elantra GT 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 6,214 miles

I was told that the brakes grind and that I have to get used to it . Dealer told me there is no fix for this problem. I am not sure it is safe to drive because of this noise. Hyundai says it is ok and just get used to the noise. Been back multiple times and still no fix from Hyundai Canada or the dealership ... Never buying another Hyundia vehicle ever again ...

- M R., Toronto, ON, canada

problem #33

Mar 272015

Elantra Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 27,083 miles

Rotors were resurfaced by dealer at 12,000 miles.

Now I had to replace rotors and pads at 27,000 miles

- Ed V., Port Jefferson Station, NY, US

problem #32

Mar 012015

Elantra GLS 1.8L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 18,750 miles

After front brakes were resurfaced and brake pads replaced with green pads, rear brakes started doing the same thing. Live in a different city from where I had the front brakes replaced, and this city's dealership in Tallahassee did nothing about the problem. Said they couldn't replicate the grinding noise. Had been happening constantly for weeks but of course the noise was hardly audible when I picked it up. Should've proven the noise to them when I was dropping the car off because I'm not sure what they did to silence the noise or if it was just a bad coincidence. Going to return when noise is more audible. These brakes SHOULD be recalled by Hyundai. So disappointed in this vehicle (grinding brakes are just the start of it's "quirks".)

- Brandon S., Tallahassee, FL, US

problem #31

Dec 202014

Elantra GLS 1.8L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 17,500 miles

Front breaks started making low grinding noise -- quickly worsened. Found out it was a known problem through this website, went to dealer and got the green brake pads that are supposed to fix the issue. They resurfaced the rotors as well. Noise went away (but rear brakes ended up grinding the same way shortly after....).

- Brandon S., Tallahassee, FL, US

problem #30

Apr 082014

Elantra Premium 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,534 miles

Had this problem since last year, 1 year after got a new Elantra 1.8 (even though it is a high spec model!).

Some 'unwanted' noise came out when I hit the brake, especially in an emergency brake. Until now, it doesn't grip well and I had an experience when I was nearly hit an another stopped car at the traffic light.

Until now, the Hyundai service cannot find the solution. They told me that the brake pad is still in good condition, not torn nor rusted.

- Amir D., Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

problem #29

Feb 122014

Elantra GT 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,925 miles

Problem is back for the 4th times. Dealership refusing to repair unless I pay for it. Hyundai does not answer my e-mails. One employee at Hyundai's H.O. told me that the file was given to the engineering Dept. Problem unknown. Not covered. Am going against them through CAMVAP. They will appoint an arbitrator. Will see what will come out of it. I could add pages but will wait after the arbitration.

Update from Feb 19, 2015: Got an offer from Hyundai Canada to the effect that they were ready to repair my brakes at no costs to me but that I had to sign a release letter which I declined. Going to the arbitration through CAMVAP.

- bigbert, Memramcook, N.B, Canada

problem #28

May 012014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,000 miles

After purchasing my new to me 2013 Hyundai Elantra within a month of ownership, the brakes sounded as if they were grinding. Took to the dealer, where they said they cut the rotors and all was good. Within a week the noise was back. Took to the dealer - they said they removed rust from rotors and cut again. Noise was back with 48 hours. Still not resolved.

- kerryj, N Babylon, NY, US

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