Notes: We're not used to seeing any major problems with Hyundai, which makes the early signs of trouble with the 2013 Elantra very surprising, in a bad way.

Early trends show problems with the steering wandering / pulling to one side along with premature tire wear. Elantra owners have tried sensor adjustments, wheel alignments, even replacing axles, most with no luck. Hyundai has made vehicle buybacks through arbitration, but that rarely works out well financially for owners in the end.

Also there is a pattern of complaints about the 2013 Elantra brakes grinding at very low mileage. It seems there was a bad batch of OEM pads & rotors, but so far Hyundai is not doing a recall. Instead Hyundai issued a TSB & dealers have been replacing pads & rotors on a per-complaint basis.

The final straw is that for several years in a row, Elantra owners report significantly lower gas mileage than the EPA estimates, & there's a small trend of engine problems.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
38,450 miles
Total Complaints:
36 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (29 reports)
  2. replace inhibitor switch (3 reports)
  3. battery does not last long! replacement is expensive! (1 reports)
  4. problem solved by reprogramming (1 reports)
  5. replace ignition (1 reports)
  6. replace shifter assembly (1 reports)
2013 Hyundai Elantra electrical problems

electrical problem

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2013 Hyundai Elantra Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #36

Jan 152019

Elantra GLS 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,075 miles


Went to have lunch and when I came back and started the car, it wouldn't start. The engine is turning over just fine since the battery was just replaced a few months ago. All maintenance is on point. Tried 4 times and the 5th time the engine weakly came back to life. I let it get up to temperature and it worked fine after. The engine would also routinely shake when coming to a complete stop and violently shake if you're accelerating from lower RPM. Never buy a Hyundai !

- Irfan T., Mississauga, ON, Canada

problem #35

Dec 072017

Elantra 1.8L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,000 miles

Began happening about 8 months after purchased this new Hyundai Elantra for my daughter to use for school. I needed a car that would be reliable for my child. The car would not start and it left my daughter stranded at her school library. She got a ride back to her apartment and I drove out (about an hour) to look into it the next day. The car started for me and I drove it back to my home and let my daughter use my car. The car started the next couple of days too, but eventually it wouldn't start with the same issue that my daughter reported - luckily it was in my driveway. I had read that the batteries used in these new Hyundai models were underpowered and I saw that there were several issues reported so I checked that out.. And the recommended battery was a much higher CCA rating so I replaced the battery.. The car started.. And I used it for a couple of months until it left me stranded at work. The lights came on but I only heard a click and the starter would not engage. I got a ride from a friend and tried the car 2 days later and it started. I drove it home and tried it again a few times and it started. I called the dealership where I purchased it and they said they had never heard of this issue, although there are many reported issues like this that indicate a problem with the inhibitor switch. I finally had the car towed when it wouldn't start for a couple of days and the dealer said it was a problem with the starter. The car had 60,400 miles and they were going to charge me $675 to replace the starter. I called the sales manager and eventually they said they'd cover it under the 60,000 mile warrantee since it has been a recurring problem. The car started fine for about 6 months and then it left me stranded again.. I again got a ride with a work associate and tried to start it again the following day and it started… I called Hyundai Corporate and explained my problem and how it has been recurring and that I had now purchased another car for my daughter (a Honda Accord) and I was trying to get some assistance from Hyundai so I could use this vehicle.. They suggested that I take it to another dealer about 45 minutes away from my home.. I explained that it is an intermittent problem so when I get it there, they will start it and say there are no issues (even though I referenced TSBs that discuss this issue and multiple reports of this issue on this site..)… so again, I have not used the car for any trips where I needed to be somewhere at a certain time.. Until last week.. When I rushed out of work to get to a board meeting and charity dinner, the car would not start.. I got a ride with a friend and was late to my event.. I left the car in my work parking lot for 36 hours and when I tried it again, it started… I drove it home and had a friend pick up my other car.. I have been asking if I can leave the car running when I get fuel because it may not start.. Very embarrassing but they are very understanding and allow this.. (I'll skip about 15 similar instances - I wouldn't use the car for any trip that I needed to be somewhere at a certain time)… so now the vehicle is stranded in another parking lot at a tennis club from this weekend.. I'm really not sure what to do now since I can't sell it with good conscience and I can't get Hyundai to help rectify the issue. It's not my primary vehicle and I don't have much time to deal with this. I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance on how I can get this issue resolved and how I can get rid of this vehicle. Any help would be appreciated..

- LeRoy R., Easton, PA, US

problem #34

Aug 282017

Elantra Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 15,064 miles

The vehicle started intermittently until it locked up and wouldn't start. Put in a brand new battery which solved the problem for a few days then it wouldn't start and look caked up again. Dealer couldn't find a code but replaced the inhibitor switch. That fixed it till today. Got in and again it won't start and gear shift is locked. Now waiting for the tow truck to get to the dealer. Can't wait to hear what they claim the problem is now! To be continued.

Update from Sep 26, 2017: After waiting an hour at the dealer I was told the range sensor switch (inhibitor switch) they installed was not put in properly. They said they reseated it and it should be fine now. Well it's been two weeks and the car still starts. Maybe they did fix it this time.

- bigred1949, Henderson, Nv, US

problem #33

Aug 012017

Elantra GLS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,000 miles


For the last two weeks, it has been hit or miss whether or not my Elantra will start. When I turn the key, I just get clicking... dash lights illuminate, but the engine won't attempt to turn over. If I jump it, it starts right up! Tested the battery, the starter, and the alternator-- all are fine.

One day when it happened, I started to notice that with each attempt I made at starting the car, it seemed as though the "battery" was getting stronger or like it would get closer and closer to actually starting. Eventually, it did start... now when it won't turn on, I know that if I'm patient and attempt to start it around 15 times, it eventually works. It's a fun little game, but it's getting annoying. Initially, I thought it could have been the remote start the car dealership installed when I purchased the car (late 2016), so I stopped using remote start. Now, I'm noticing that it seems to happen when I go to start my car after a short drive. For example: the gas station is only a mile or so away from my house. Car starts fine at home, I turn it off to get gas, and then it won't start after I get gas. If the gas station is 30 minutes away, it would probably start the second time too.

I'm surprised to see that there was a grouping of complaints in 2015-2016 and none so far in 2017. After reading the other complaints, I'm going to suggest to my mechanic that it's the inhibitor switch and see where we get... If anyone has been able to fix this issue, please let me know what you found as a solution. I'm also going to reach out to Hyundai as it's a bit concerning that there doesn't seem to be a recall or any mention of this issue on the MyHyundai site(s).

- loni.leedom, Monroe, US

problem #32

Dec 152016

Elantra LTD 2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles

2013 Hyundai Elantra Limited, 32000miles. Worked great for first couple of years, then small electrical problems began (window-washer motor, one back-door lock inoperable, remote would not open any door. Then it really got serious when the push-button start failed. Couldn't get gearshift out of park. Dash lights flashed and then everything dead. Left this old lady stranded several times. Was on first-name basis with AAA roadside service! Too stressful! When dealer examined it, the on board computer failed to throw a code so mechanics didn't know what to do. Beware! the market has since been flooded with 2013 Hyundais. So sad that a almost new car is such a disappointment.

- beachgirl3, Panama City Beach, US

problem #31

Sep 082016


  • Manual transmission
  • 42,250 miles

Roadside service came, jumped the battery, car started immediately. Mechanic said to replace battery; at 4 years old it's ready to go. Will report back if there is more.

Update from Apr 4, 2017: Did not replace the battery. Never happened again. Car's been fine. 48,300 mi.

Update from Dec 4, 2018: 68,400m. Happened again. This time, there is a cause. I listened to the radio for about 10min. with the engine off and the lights flickered and dimmed. Jump-starting started it right up. Lots of clicking, just held the key in place, then it caught. FYI.

- Simeon C., Evanston, IL, US

problem #30

Oct 212016

Elantra GLS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 26,821 miles


This happened to me after owning for 2 years and 8 months. Bought it new with only 60 miles on it. Left work last Friday and the car wouldn't start. Tried several times and tried to get out and start with auto start and no luck. Had car jumped and it was all ok. I went and had the battery tested at Auto Zone Saturday and they said the battery is fine. So everything was good until this past Wednesday. I go to leave work and it wont start again! I had someone at work jump it again and went straight to dealer! They checked the battery and again the battery is fine. Alternator, starter, fine. We replaced the inhibitor switch today so I hope to god this fixes it!!! With my luck I have a feeling this will not be the last out it :(

- Amie F., Saint Louis, MO, US

problem #29

Oct 232016

Elantra GLS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,188 miles

Bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra from Hertz car dealer in July of 2015 with one year warranty. In Oct of 2016, Car did not start after adding gas at Costco gas station. Gas station service person help me setting gear to Neutral and pulling car to parking spot 15-meter away. Turning car key again, car started (Magic!). Same thing happened again two weeks later at same gas station. But this time I try several times for car key turning, the car started again( Magic again!!). Yesterday morning, I try to start the car parked in my house's driveway, car didn't start. I heard a series of "da da da" sound under the hood when I turn the key to start the car. Lights, rain brushes, radio are working well. Battery seem no problem. Try battery jump and car key turning at both Parking and Neutral positions. All failed! (no magic anymore). Go Google searching, find 25 similar complaints. This randomly happened things are really awful for the reason you will worry about the car not running every time when you sit in the driver seat. Going to contact to Hyundai dealer this weekend. In addition, this car also has a recall for stopper pad issue (NHTSA Campain Number: 16V-574). I have to cancelled the appointment for recall service that scheduled in tomorrow morning. There are different solutions for the car failed stating symptom (i.e. inhibitor switch, starter). I think there is a real defect parts assembled into this car engine starting system. Hyundai Motor should pay attention to this issue. Even though this is not a safety issue, but this is a serious issue for people for thinking if it is worth to buy Hyundai's auto products in their whole life.

- qiumi, Sterling Heights, MI, US

problem #28

Aug 012016

Elantra Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 54,000 miles

Decided to Google the problem I'm having with my 2013 Elantra not starting first thing in the morning; no indicator lights, no problems, just won't start. After 3-5 tries, it FINALLY starts. The same thing happens later in the day when I leave work, not quite as painful, but still a try or two before she decides to start up. Took it to the dealership yesterday, they said it was the inhibitor switch, under warranty. Picked it back up just before noon. By the end of the day, it was at least 1 try again before starting. This morning it was back to 5 tries before starting. Took it back to the dealership, they seem baffled because of course it won't act up as many times as they try to start it. So, now leaving the car with them overnight so they will have it first thing in the morning, renting a car to drive in the meantime...absolutely a pain.

- Brenda K., Naples, FL, US

problem #27

Sep 262016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,600 miles

I turn ignition key, dash/idiot lights come on, but no click or crank. Has happened about 6 times in 2 months. Sometimes after waiting 10+ minutes it will start (always in front of roadside assistance or after calling them!). It is currently at dealership. I don't know their diagnosis or intended fix. I am self-employed and lost 4 appointments yesterday to this; 2 a previous occasion, more today or tomorrow, depending on fix.

Around the corner shop provided me with Car Talk reports of other drivers/owners having this difficulty.

- Meg S., Hartford, CT, US

problem #26

Jun 302016

Elantra LTD 4 cyl-Dohc 16v

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles


Left car at my wife's sister place for two weeks. I decided to check on it and cranked after 1 1/2 weeks; it cranked fine. Returned to pick I up three days later and it would not crank, the key remote did not work. Used the emergency key to open door; dome lights came on; would not crank. After deciding that I needed a tow truck, tried it again and it cranked. Brought it home; left it alone for two days. Took the battery to AutoZone; battery is good (less than 6 mos. use from AutoZone). Checked fuses; all seem OK. Started reading complaints and solutions. I know realized the mess I got myself in and to think that I have been saying this was my best buy! Don't know what to do. The vehicle will probably crank whenever it feels like it. Dome lights do NOT come on when opening doors nor when I press the dome switch; horn and brake lights work. I have owned this vehicle since July 2013. The battery that came with the car had to be replaced, but never had this problem.

Update from Jul 11, 2016: Took vehicle to Hyunday dealer. they diagnosed it and determined that "the powertrain control module was in need of update reprogramming". Service was provided free of charge. When I returned home, I tried the other key and found that the second key didn't work. Took the vehicle to the dealership again; after 21/2 hours wait, they determined that "the key is bad" and they ordered a new key; will call me when the key arrives.

- Felix D., Miramar, FL, US

problem #25

Jun 202016


  • Automatic transmission
  • 47,600 miles

I have had this happen on 4 separate occasions with my car. It won't turn over or start, and acts like the battery is dead. THE BATTERY IS NOT DEAD! I have to open my door, and rock the car back and forth while jiggling the gear sh*t into park again and again. The car is in park, it isn't part of the way in, it is all the way in park, but for some reason the car doesn't recognize that it is in park and will not let me start the car. After 10 minutes of rocking the car around and hitting the gear shift it will eventually turn over, but what a complete pain in the ass!

- Kattie S., Genesee, ID, US

problem #24

May 132016

Elantra 1.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,000 miles

Really!!, I can not believe that this happening to a new car. I have noticed this problem for a couple of months now. Even though the dash board and all the lights work fine but it will not just start. I have had friends and even road assistant guys jump start but it would not work. After sitting for some time it starts on its own. I took it to the dealership this Monday and I was told it was the inhibitor switch and I was charged $218, $44 for switch and the remain labor and tax. But guess what, it is Friday and the car has been towed back to the dealership. This time they said there is no code. Please somebody us get this problem to the forefront. If there are any solutions please share with me. Thank you.

- William A., Monroe, OH, US

problem #23

Mar 302016

Elantra GL 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,000 miles

This car is my daughters car. We purchased new in 2013. it recently started a situation where the car will not start. Lights come on etcetera, dash shows car in proper gear but when you turn the key there is a click and nothing. Security at her work even tried to jump it but nothing. I showed up and after several tries it started. The next day the same thing happened car seemed okay and then later nothing. On the following day again wouldn't start. I thought the culprit might be something to do with a shift lock out switch not registering park. As it turns out there is an inhibitor switch which based on everything i read online fit the problem to a tee. Since it was saturday I purchased the part and replaced it. Still had issues so i put the old one in and took it to the dealer. Of course while it was there they could not repeat the problem. The tech said there was one time when it hesitated. The replaced the shift cable retainer flip which was a recall and at my request tested the battery, starter and alternator which were all good.

I took the car home after stopping and starting it several places on my way without incident. As soon as i got home the car started acting up. I had called customer service earlier in the day so they have a complaint on file and gave me a number for the free towing. My issue is that this car has a 7 year 100k warranty yet i can not get a loaner car and even if it is the inhibitor switch which is mounted to the transmission they say it is not covered by the warranty. Hello, car wont start, sounds like power-train to me.

I also have a Santa fe (my second one) The 2008 model the fuel gauge quit working at around 38K. Same situation dealership told me it was out of warranty and it was over $300 to replace. I never had an issue like this with any of my Toyota's. I was even in a dealership and witnessed them tell a customer that something was out of warranty but that they were going to fix it anyway. I really do like my Santa-fe but i think this is my last Hyundai unless they pony up and fix the problem.

- Mike L., Delaware, OH, US

problem #22

Feb 152016

Elantra GT

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,050 miles

Car will not start, even attempted a boost. Had it towed into the dealership, it did not start for them either until they boosted it. They hooked it up to their diagnostic machine and NO error codes came back. They tried to tell me there was no problem, I went rat bat crazy on them. They then tried to tell me my battery was low and I needed a new one. Again I went mental on them this time in the dealership. Car had been in there a week before and there was no mention of a battery problem. service manager pulls me into his office because I was ranting. He gets the shop foreman in to talk with me. Seems he never heard the problems I was having, really? They had the car for almost 2 days, now they want it for another two days. Anyway I tell them about the inhibitor switch but they won't replace anything they don't have an error code for. Someone please help me! I swear I will never buy another Hyundai product, I miss my Volvo.

Update from Apr 4, 2016: They finally said to me 'your battery coded' it had to be replaced and it will cost 250.00. I said are you freaking crazy, then after all my yelling they said ok we will not charge the labour. I said fine fix so I could get the heck out of here. I haven't had a problem since, however I complained to Hyundai Canada and have found out since then the dealership has changed ownership and name. I will not be returning there again! Took my advertising crap off my car and my husbands Genesis.

- Robin B., PIckering, ON, Canada

problem #21

Oct 162015

Elantra LS

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles


- thompson8674, Pikeville, NC, US

problem #20

Oct 142015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 24,000 miles

Oh no! I was hoping my Google search of this problem would yield no results, therefore meaning that I am just an idiot leaving the car door open (all the time)!

My 2013 Hyundai Elantra has 24,000 miles on it, and hasn't turned over three times. After the second time, I took it to the Hyundai dealership. They tested it, and everything came back fine. They couldn't duplicate the problem. They said it either has to be the very beginning of a problem, or that I'm leaving a door open or a light on, which is draining the battery. They did try to help me with this problem, but there didn't seem to be any clear answers.

This morning, it was a lot harder than the last two times to start the car. While games are fun, I didn't buy a new car to feel like I'm playing the lottery every time I start my car. Hyundai might want to stop showing commercials in which its cars move (focus more on the toasty heated seats?), as that's not a guarantee.

This is all happening after the shocks had to be replaced last year, when the car had 16,000 miles on it. I'm a bit worn out. I'm considering printing this thread out to show to the mechanic the next time I end up in there, but I'm not sure it will do any good. If they can't find anything, they can't find anything, right?

- Amanda W., Rockville, MD, US

problem #19

Sep 182015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,500 miles

I have a 2013 Elantra with just under 35,000 miles. The car would not start at all sometimes starting back in mid September. I would try to start it 5 or 6 times and it would finally start. Once I was driving if I turned the car off I never had a problem starting it again right away, just the first initial time. I took the car to the Rick Case dealership in Plantation, FL and was told that I just needed the carbon build up cleaned off the engine and a new filter. i was charged approx. $175 for this service as it's not covered under warranty. A few days later the car did the same thing and did not start. On the 5th try it started so I went straight over to the same dealership and told them the problem was still occurring. They told me since it's not happening right now they can't help me and there is no error code showing. I took it upon myself to Google the issue and came to this site seeing all the same complaints. I watched the Youtube video showing this issue and see that the real problem was a faulty inhibitor switch. I called the service manager and told him what I believed the issue to be and he replaced it under warranty and explained Hyundai as not yet deemed this a recall yet but it's a known issue. if I had not read these complaints and took it upon myself to tell the dealership the real issue all they were going to do is charge me for a new battery.

- Kate H., Hollywood, FL, US

problem #18

Sep 012015

Elantra GL 2.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 27,962 miles

Just wanted to say that I was having the same issues with an intermittent starter. Key turns, clicks, car dashboard turns on, nothing from starter. After a while, it starts up. Took it to the dealer. Couldn't duplicate the error to my frustration, then it thankfully acted up there. No error codes, but they thought it was an issue with the starter. They replaced the starter under warranty, and it has worked perfectly since then. No issues with starting since the replacement. If it's not your gear shift causing the issue, mention that it could be the starter. Good luck!

- Ge D., Markham, ON, Canada

problem #17

Jul 072015

Elantra GLS 2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 59,920 miles

The first time the car didn't start before warranty expired, but I thought maybe I didn't lock the door well while seating in the car. Then, a month later it happened again. I again had to call AAA. Then, a week ago it didn't start on my way back from vocation. A person at the parking lot started it by pressing the brakes with one foot and gas with another. I had to drive for four hours without turning the car off even at the gas station to make it to my mechanic. When I drove in to the shop, I turned the car off and on without a problem, so he couldn't understand why it happened.

Yesterday it happened again at the store's parking lot when I was seating in the car waiting for a friend. Looks like every time it happens when I am seating in the car with the car off. After jumping the car barely touching the connections with the wires, I drove straight to the AutoZone to check the battery. The battery was good.

After reading this site, I now know it's a waste of time to take a car to the dealer. I called Hyundai customer service and opened a case, but they say they aren't aware of other people having this problem. Please, let me know if someone happens to find a solution to this problem. I will also try to contact Hyundai on twitter.

- Elena P., Binghamton, NY, US

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