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2013 Honda Accord engine problems: excessive oil consumption

Excessive Oil Consumption

2013 Honda Accord (Page 1 of 3)

This problem may be covered under warranty. Ask your Honda dealer. Seal Of This Might Hurt Notes: The 2013-2014 Honda Accord is showing signs of an electrical problem with the starter failing soon after the 36K mile warranty expires. It's compounded by reports that the OEM battery doesn't have sufficient amps to start the V6 reliably after a year or two.

For now we are rating this problem with the "Beware" seal because it's occurring so soon after the 36K mile warranty expires. The upshot is when your Accord won't start, that's never good, but especially bad when it's just a few years old.

Also once again, owners are complaining that the 2013 Honda Accord seats are uncomfortable. Uncomfortable seats has been a significant complaint with the Accord since the 2008 model year.


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
46,700 miles
Total Complaints:
47 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (41 reports)
  2. replace oil ring pistons (4 reports)
  3. changed to different type engine oil (1 reports)
  4. money refunded or car replaced (1 reports)
2013 Honda Accord engine problems

engine problem

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2013 Honda Accord Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #47

Jul 052018

Accord EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 65,000 miles


My wife has been bringing it to dealer all along. so this time I told her to go Sullivan Tire for inspection. they passed it however they said that oil was just touching the dipstick. The oil life % was @40%, so then I did the oil change and monitoring it. Now this brought attention to looking for possible problems with other people and that's how I found this site.

- John B., Hudson, US

problem #46

Jan 102018

Accord EXL 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

Engine oil in the HONDA ACCORD 2013

1. Car started to consume engine oil about 3 quarts every 1000 miles and its really painful to change the oil.

2. The oil didn't go bad, but consumed all of the oil and dip stick is dry

- Ramesh P., Lewis Center, US

problem #45

Oct 012016

Accord LX 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 40,000 miles

I like the car very much, but I'm worried about the engine burning oil, it costs me almost double to change the oil.

- Valentin T., Rancho Cordova, US

problem #44

Dec 052017

Accord Sport 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 65,000 miles


My 2013 Honda Accord Sport is using 2.5 quarts of oil between oil changes. Purchased in August of 2017- Purchased the extended warranty. No leaks so its doing something within the engine. Investigating to see what will be done to get issue resolved.

- Maurice M., Liberty, US

problem #43

Aug 072017

Accord EX-L 2.4L 4cl

  • CVT transmission
  • 101,028 miles

During the life of the oil I am now adding 1.5 liters. This doesn't seem to be as significant as some other users but it's likely to not get better with age.

- Craig S., Shediac, NB, Canada

problem #42

Aug 012016

Accord LX 2.4L 4 cyl

  • CVT transmission
  • 65,000 miles

I started to notice this excessive engine oil burning about 1 and a half years ago. When I checked the engine oil level, dip stick showed a tiny drop at the tip. Since then, I had to keep adding engine oil 1 qt every 3000 ~ 3500 miles. I replace engine oil every 10,000 miles with Mobil 1 Full Synthetic oil, which claims to be good for up to 15,000 miles. Between oil replacement, it needs additional 2~3 quarts with lots of oil level checking. Very annoying and feel not safe.

- accordingtohonda, Basking Ridge, US

problem #41

Jun 132017

Accord EXL

  • CVT transmission
  • 50,743 miles


When I checked the oil at around 4 K miles after the oil change, my dipstick was bone dry. I had to add 3 quarts of oil. Then I started watching this. So I Asked the Nanuet Honda to do an oil consumption test.. After I drive 1000 miles, they checked and added .8 quart of oil.

At the second test the service technician was unhappy with me. So at the second test he reported as no problem. He concluded that Honda Accord consumes 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles. That is normal for Honda. But I am adding 3 quart of oil every 5000 miles. Problem is not solved.

- Abyson K., New City, US

problem #40

Feb 222017

Accord LX 2.4L

  • Manual transmission
  • 63,000 miles

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excessive oil consumption

Had Honda change the oil in Florida, drove home to New York. Shortly thereafter drove the car across country to Oregon. Finally the oil change reminder came up so I took it to a local Honda dealer who claimed there was no oil on the dip stick (oil light never came on). Checked it regularly thereafter and at 15% oil life, oil was 1 quart low. Honda started oil consumption test and it was a 1/4 quart low when I checked it, and full when they checked it after a 1000 miles. I can't say for certain, but based on the fact that it looked like someone opened the oil hule (dust was disturbed) it looks like they added oil to attempt a cover up. I'm driving it another 1000 miles and will fully document my findings with pictures before taking it to the dealer. There is definitely something wrong with this engine.

Update from Apr 2, 2018: I took the car in again, the dealer claims all engines consume oil and that burning 1/2 a quart in 1800 miles is completely normal for Honda engines. I filed a complaint with Honda about this problem and they claimed there are "no known issues". An issue that is considered "known" is one that Honda has already issued a recall on.

- Josh V., Hermiston, OR, US

problem #39

Oct 022017

Accord Sport 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 74,000 miles

Last night I was driving home and my oil pressure light blinked when I braked. I went home and check the engine oil and dipstick came out bone dry. I added the 3 quarts of oil to get oil level close to max line, and I serviced my car just 4.5 k miles ago, oil life reading 40% and and no oil in my engine. I am taking car to my dealer this weekend for oil consumption check up.

- smile5587cool, Schaumburg, US

problem #38

Sep 122017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 19,940 miles

purchased car from honda used lot in santa monica. november 2016, had oil change done at dealer may 2017. approx. september 10 the oil light blinked on (did not stay lit). the next day blinked again, briefly. was the weekend and due to work, i took car in sept 12th....service technician pulled dipstick and announced "there's no oil on dipstick". the dealer did an oil change (keep in mind, only 2,672 miles since previous oil change). i was charged for an oil change ($45) and was spared the $145 charge they said was for "problem diagnosis". they gave no explanation for oil loss, asked me to do "oil consumption test" which merely involved checking the oil when i filled with gas. they asked that i return in 1000 miles.

after all this i found on the internet the problem described and the lawsuit etc.

i was told i may have damaged my engine by the service tech but given no option for diagnosis but was told it "should be covered on warranty".

I feel that they knew of this issue with their engines and tap danced around it leaving me with a big unknown.

- Tom P., Los, US

problem #37

Apr 012017

Accord EXL

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles


After 60,000 miles the 2013 Accord started using oil every 1,000 miles. The longer it goes before oil change the more excessive oil consumption seems to be noticed. At the last scheduled oil change the engine only had 1 quart of oil left. Since then it is using about a quart/1,000 miles.

Waiting to hear by end of week what Honda plans to do to fix the problem.

Have purchased Honda's for many years without ever having an issue with oil consumption.

- Keith W., Battlefield, US

problem #36

Apr 012017

Accord EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 70,000 miles

1/2 quart of oil burns up for 3,000 mile. I am worried about that it would get worst.

- andrewcho, Northridge, US

problem #35

May 272017

Accord EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 70,100 miles

This excessive oil consumption didn't become a problem until after the car passed the 60,000 mile mark. It seems to be burning a quart of oil every 2,000 miles.

- Sean S., Tomball, TX, US

problem #34

Jul 082017

Accord EX-L 2.4L

  • CVT transmission
  • 71,215 miles

After putting 1,000 miles on the car since the last oil change, I checked the oil level and found it was already 1/2 quart low. This agrees with my previous observation that it is burning a full quart every 2,000 miles. I will continue making updates here.

- Sean S., Tomball, TX, US

problem #33

Dec 302014

Accord LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

I bought this 2013 Honda Accord 2.4L with 36,000 miles at the end of 2014. I noticed that after the first oil change, I had to add oil because the dip showed it was low in between changes. I follow the oil percentage to change the oil. I usually change it when it reaches between 10 and 15 percent. I use the recommended oil and filters. I decided to track how much oil it consumes and have noticed it burns about a quart when it reaches 70 percent. By the time it's due for an oil change, I had to add already at least 2 quarts prior to the regular change. There are no leaks at all and the engine seems to be working normal.

I also own a 2003 Honda Civic, and I never had this issue with oil changes. I am very worried the Honda Accord will not last long due to the oil going to the combustion chamber. I would appreciate any advice/help with this issue. I will post an update with either video or pictures. Thanks again.

- Juan V., Elko, US

problem #32

Jun 252017

Accord LX 2.4L-Liter 4-cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,380 miles

Bought car new. Noticed car consumed oil during the very 1st oil & filter change at roughly 8,000 miles, oil life at 15%, down about 1.25 quarts. Not bad considering new engine break-in and 8,000 miles on odometer. Over time and oil & filter changes at 8000-9000 intervals with 15% oil life still left noticed more and more oil being used (burned) by the engine. I'm at the point now where the car is using 1.5 quarts every 2,400 miles! Car has 80,300 miles on it at this time. NOT HAPPY. Honda considers this "normal" from what I'm reading on-line.

I also own 2 Toyota Tacomas, one has 138,000 miles- burns NO oil at 3,000 miles oil changes, the other Tacoma 66,000 miles burns NO oil at 5,000 mile interval changes using full synthetic. Sold a Toyota Rav 4 with 189,000 miles never used ANY oil. One of my Tacomas had the frame replaced by my dealer free of charge and free rental while the frame was being replaced, took 3 months. My other Tacoma is also up for FREE frame replacement. HAPPY.

Going to contact Honda dealer shortly and inform them of the oil burning issue and see what they are going to do about it.

I did purchase the extended warranty on the vehicle so the engine is still covered.

- Mark G., Dalton, PA, US

problem #31

Nov 302016

Accord EX 2.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,000 miles

I cannot believe that Honda says that 1 qt every 1000 miles is normal. this is total BS. we need another class action law suit for 2013 Accord,

- Michael J., Menlo Park, US

problem #30

Mar 012017

Accord EX-L V4

  • CVT transmission
  • 45,583 miles

2013 Honda Accord EX-L. Wife first reported engine oil light flickered. I checked the oil level and dip stick was dry. Added oil and took it to Honda for a oil change. Some miles later fickler of oil light was again reported, checked the dip stick and again was dry. Took to Honda for oil consummation test. I checked at 2247 miles and 80% oil life it is down the the lower mark on the dip stick. Took it back to Honda to complete the oil test, Honda says this is normal, I could tell by the Honda reps face expression that he did not believe what he was telling me.

- Terry F., Clifton, VA, US

problem #29

Jul 172016

Accord EX 2.4L

  • Manual transmission
  • 32,000 miles

Bought the car used with 27K miles, noticed it was consuming oil shortly after around 32K miles. Brought to dealer since I suspected a leak, they found none. It consumes oil at the rate of 1 quart every 4,00 miles. They offered to do an oil consumption test but I knew that they wouldn't do anything unless it was 1qt every 1,000 miles so I declined.

Oil consumption is not unique to Honda. Many manufacturers have had this problem. One I can think of is 8th generation Corollas (98-02). You pretty much have two options: 1) Check and add oil as necessary, or 2) get rid of the car.

Lastly, this is why people should be checking their oil a LOT more often than they do! Check it at every fuel up or every 500 miles at least! I still love my car despite this. It is annoying to have to buy 2 extra quarts of oil to keep in my trunk though on such a new vehicle.

- Ryan G., San Jose, CA, US

problem #28

Oct 292016

Accord EX 2.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,000 miles

This 2013 Honda Accord has excessive oil consumption. It consumes 1 quart every 1000 miles and the dealer says that Honda says it is normal. I don't believe this is normal and Honda should repair it under the power train warranty.

- Michael J., Menlo Park, US

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