NHTSA Defect Investigations for the 2004 Nissan Maxima

The Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) is an office within the NHTSA which investigates serious safety problems in the design, construction or performance of vehicles. The NHTSA is authorized to order manufacturers to recall and repair vehicles, if the ODI finds a safety issue. NHTSA investigations for the 2004 Nissan Maxima, both ongoing and closed, are listed below:


    NHTSA Preliminary Evaluation #PE04035

    Component(s): Visibility:Sun Roof Assembly

    Summary: The Office Of Defects Investigation (ODI) opened this investigation on April 12, 2004, based on five reports indicating that the "skyview" glass-paneled roof, " which is standard equipment in model year (MY) 2004 Nissan Maxima vehicles, would suddenly shatter while the vehicle is in use.five injuries have been reported to ODI, resulting in cuts to the head, hands, arms, or face.Nissan discovered that their supplier for the "skyview glass paneled roof" did not properly quench (cool) the glass after it was formed.the resulting temper imbalance could create excessive internal stress in the glass and can eventually cause the glass to shatter.Nissan reports that glass produced beginning October 23, 2003 was properly quenched.Nissan has informed the Agency that it will recall 32,100 MY 2004 Nissan Maximas built from the beginning of production thru December 17, 2003.it reports that vehicles built after December 17 are not affected.to correct the condition Nissan will replace the existing "skyview "glass with new properly quenched glass.Nissan will begin owner notification on September 7, 2004.ODI is aware of only one complaint and Nissan reports no complaints of "skyview glass paneled roof" breakage on vehicles built after the December 17 date.this investigation is closed, however the Agency will monitor complaints and take appropriate action as appropriate.

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