NHTSA Defect Investigations for the 2000 Volkswagen GTI

The Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) is an office within the NHTSA which investigates serious safety problems in the design, construction or performance of vehicles. The NHTSA is authorized to order manufacturers to recall and repair vehicles, if the ODI finds a safety issue. NHTSA investigations for the 2000 Volkswagen GTI, both ongoing and closed, are listed below:


    NHTSA Preliminary Evaluation #PE04073

    Component(s): Exterior Lighting:Hazard Flashing Warning Lights
    Exterior Lighting:Hazard Flashing Warning Lights:Switch
    Exterior Lighting:Turn Signal
    Exterior Lighting:Turn Signal:Flasher Unit

    Summary: This investigation was opened on October 19, 2004, based on nine reports on 2000 through 2001 jetta and Gti vehicles alleging that the turn signals and or hazard flashers fail to blink, or flash.some of the complainants reported that the lights would blink only a few times and then stop.several of the complainants reported that having the hazard flasher switch replaced repaired their vehicles.by letter of December 13, 2004, Volkswagen notified the Agency that it will conduct a safety recall of 350,000 model year 2000 through 2002 jetta, golf and Gti vehicles to repair the turn signal and hazard flasher system.VW reports 216 owner reports, 4 field reports and 4960 warranty claims on this population of vehicles. Volkswagen dealers will install a new hazard flasher switch/relay kit to remedy the defective vehicles.please see safety recall 04V584 for details.


    NHTSA Preliminary Evaluation #PE04079

    Component(s): Fuel System, Gasoline:Delivery:Fuel Pump
    Fuel System, Gasoline:Delivery:Hoses, Lines/Piping, And Fittings

    Summary: This investigation was opened on November 29, 2004, based on five consumer reports alleging fuel leaking from the fuel pump.by letter of April 14, 2004, Volkswagen of America (Volkswagen) notified the Agency that it will conduct a safety recall of 35,000 golf and Gti vehicles manufactured in wolfsburg germany for the North american market.the recalled vehicles are in model years 1999 and 2000 and are equipped with gasoline engines.Volkswagen has identified a condition in which the fuel supply line from the fuel delivery module (pump) to the fuel filter may come under tension. In this condition the fuel pump supply nipple can crack, resulting in a gasoline leak.Volkswagen dealers will inspect for tension on the fuel line and cracks in the fuel pump supply nipple.if tension is found in the line, it will be replaced with a revised line.if the fuel pump supply nipple is cracked, the line and the pump will be replaced.please see safety recall 05V154 for details.

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