Recall List for the 2013 Cadillac ATS

Official recalls have been issued for the 2013 Cadillac ATS by the NHTSA. The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions.

Recalls don't cost you anything to get fixed, but most are time-limited, so if your car is affected you should call your local Cadillac service department immediately!

If you have questions about a recall, write down your VIN & then call Cadillac customer service.

  1. RECALL: Rear Defogger Coil Antenna Module May Overheat

    If the coil antenna generates excessive heat, there is an increased risk of a fire. Read more »

    Date Announced
    SEP 03, 2015
    Vehicles Affected
  2. RECALL: Power Operated Roof Panel/FMVSS 118

    Because the switch is not recessed, the roof panel switch may inadvertently be pressed resulting in unintended auto-closure of the roof panel, increasing ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    JUL 24, 2015
    Vehicles Affected
  3. RECALL: Seat Belts May Not Remain Retracted Under Load

    If the seat belts do not remain locked in the retracted position when under load, the seat occupant may not be adequately restrained in a crash, increasing ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    AUG 08, 2014
    Vehicles Affected
  4. RECALL: Front Seats May Not Remain Anchored In Vehicle

    A seat that does not stay secured increases the risk of occupant injury in a vehicle crash. Read more »

    Date Announced
    JUL 23, 2014
    Vehicles Affected
  5. RECALL: Transmission Shift Cable Detachment/Rollaway Risk

    If the transmission shift cable detaches while the vehicle is being driven, the transmission gear selection may not match the indicated gear and the vehicle ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    JUN 19, 2014
    Vehicles Affected
  6. RECALL: Brake Lights Flashing Intermittently/FMVSS 108

    If the brake lamps flash when the vehicle is not slowing, a following driver may not adjust vehicle speed when the vehicle is in fact braking, and the ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    MAY 24, 2013
    Vehicles Affected

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