Recall List for the 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

Official recalls have been issued for the 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis by the NHTSA. The complete details of all recalls are listed below, along with what they cover and the recommended solutions.

Recalls don't cost you anything to get fixed, but most are time-limited, so if your car is affected you should call your local Mercury service department immediately!

If you have questions about a recall, write down your VIN & then call Mercury customer service.

  1. RECALL: Steering Shaft May Separate

    If the shafts separate during vehicle operation, a loss of steering control would result, increasing the risk of a vehicle crash. Read more »

    Date Announced
    OCT 06, 2015
    Vehicles Affected
  2. RECALL: Speed Control Deactivation Switch

    As a result, the fuse is located in the output circuit rather than in the intended input power feed circuit, and may not offer the intended protection in the event of an electrical short to ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    FEB 04, 2008
    Vehicles Affected
  3. RECALL: Speed Control Deactivation Switch

    This could result in an underhood fire. Read more »

    Date Announced
    AUG 03, 2007
    Vehicles Affected
  4. RECALL: Ford/Interior Systems:Restraint

    Consequence of non-compliance: This condition can reduce the restraining capabilities of the safety belt in the event of an accident. Read more »

    Date Announced
    MAR 05, 1996
    Vehicles Affected
  5. RECALL: Electrical System:Fuse And Recepticle:Circuit Brea

    In the event of a short or overload in the headlampcircuit, both headlamps can go out without warning, rather than flashing as intended with the cycling circuit breaker. This could lead to reduced night time driver visibility, increasing the potential for a vehicle ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    OCT 02, 1995
    Vehicles Affected
  6. RECALL: Fuel:Fuel Tank Assembly:Pipe:Filler:Neck

    Fuel leakage could result in a vehicle fire if an ignition source were present. Read more »

    Date Announced
    MAR 27, 1995
    Vehicles Affected
  7. RECALL: Interior Systems:Passive Restraint:Air Bag:Passeng

    The passenger side air bag may not inflate properly resulting in reduced occupant protection in a vehicle accident. If the igniter end cap separates in a frontal collision, hot gases can be released and ignite flammable material or cause burn ... Read more »

    Date Announced
    FEB 24, 1995
    Vehicles Affected

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