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NHTSA Defect Investigations for the 2002 Chevrolet Impala

The Office of Defects Investigations (ODI) is an office within the NHTSA which investigates serious safety problems in the design, construction or performance of vehicles. The NHTSA is authorized to order manufacturers to recall and repair vehicles, if the ODI finds a safety issue. NHTSA investigations for the 2002 Chevrolet Impala, both ongoing and closed, are listed below:


    NHTSA Preliminary Evaluation #PE06017

    • Status:
    • Date Opened: May 15, 2006
    • Date Closed: October 25, 2006
    • Recall: No recall issued

    Component(s): Exterior Lighting
    Exterior Lighting:Headlights
    Exterior Lighting:Headlights:Switch

    Summary: A total of 646,038 subject vehicles were sold during MY 2001-2003, and the complaint and warranty data tabulated above apply to the total vehicle population.complaint reports alleging headlight outage represent slightly more that one-half of the total number of complaints and the balance are allegations of flickering and dimming.investigation disclosed the root cause of the malfunction to be wear of a contact plunger in the multifunction switch that may result in a temporary open circuit, with the plunger in a neutral position between high- and low-beam contact points.consumers consistently reported that manipulation of the switch handle on the steering column restores either high or low beam headlight other potential safety related issues, e.g., fires or windshield wiper failure, were found to be related to this issue.the manufacturer recognized the subject headlight issues from failure and warranty reports, and issued a redesigned plunger in 2003. The manufacturer did not identify a defect requiring recall and remedy.ODI has determined that the rates of occurrence, the failure mode and the real-world consequence of the alleged defect as compared to other similar investigations fail to identify a safety-related defect trend.this preliminary evaluation has been closed.the closing of this investigation does not constitute a finding that a safety-related defect does not exist.the Agency may take further action if warranted by the circumstances.


    NHTSA Engineering Analysis #EA02030

    Component(s): Fuel System, Gasoline
    Fuel System, Gasoline:Delivery
    Fuel System, Gasoline:Delivery:Hoses, Lines/Piping, And Fittings

    Summary: EA02-030 is closed with gmea02-030 is closed with GM's actions in 03V-473 and 04V-090 recalling approximately 529,000 MY 1998-99 C- and H-body vehicles equipped with defective fuel pressure regulators.these vehicles were equipped with plastic intake manifolds that are unable to contain pressures that occur in some backfire events and defective fuel pressure regulators with leaking diaphragms that can provide a source of fuel to produce a combustible air-fuel mixture in the manifold.the closing of this investigation does not constitute a finding by ODI that no safety defect exists in the vehicles that are not included in GM's recalls.ODI will continue to monitor the incidence of manifold ruptures and related fires in other MY 1995-2002 GM passenger cars equipped with the subject intake manifold.for additional information, see the attached closing report.

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