Nearly 59,000 Sprinter vans have incorrect automatic parking information in the manuals.

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Mercedes Sprinter Vans Recalled Over Owner's Manuals
Nearly 59,000 Sprinter vans have incorrect automatic parking information in the manuals.

— Nearly 59,000 model year 2019 Freightliner Sprinter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are recalled because the owner's manuals may be missing information concerning the automatic parking (Auto-P) functions.

The Sprinter vans, equipped with automatic transmissions, have operator's manuals which fail to correctly describe certain functions which automatically engage the PARK (P) positions if the drivers open the seat belt buckles.

The problem also occurs if the drivers leave the seats when the vans are stationary or driving at very low speeds. However, all of that info in the manual is wrong because this function is not available in the recalled Sprinter vans.

"If a customer were to rely on the Auto-P function as described in the Operator’s Manual, the possibility of vehicle rollaway or movement cannot be ruled out which could increase the risk of a crash."

Mercedes received a complaint in November 2019 about a Sprinter van which indicated the automatic parking function (Auto-P) was not functioning consistently as described in the owner's manual.

The automaker opened an investigation to look at specific operating parameters for Auto-P when the driver’s seat belt buckle was unlatched or the occupant left the driver’s seat.

The automaker determined the incorrect owner's manual information could cause problems because the Sprinter vans were being used primarily as delivery vehicles. A recall was issued because of the rollaway danger.

More than 52,000 vans are recalled in the U.S. and nearly 6,700 are recalled in Canada.

The Sprinter van recall will begin May 8, 2020, when dealerships will provide an update to be included in the owner's manuals concerning the Auto-P function.

Sprinter customers may call 877-762-8267 and use recall number VS3BAUTOP.

This is the 23nd Sprinter van recall since 2018, and the 11th recall in the last four months.


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